• Megalithic-Mysteries

    1 season

    Embark on a thrilling journey with world explorer and renowned researcher Hugh Newman in the Zohar Original Series, 'MEGALITHIC MYSTERIES.' Join Hugh as he delves into enigmatic topics, from ancient giants to the secrets of megaliths in South America, the lost civilization of the Olmecs, and the ...


    1 season

    Journey with Brien Foerster in this captivating series as we delve into the mysteries of ancient civilizations. From Baalbek's colossal stones to the enigmatic Paracas skulls, from evidence of an ancient cataclysm to the secrets of Easter Island and the magnetic anomalies of Machu Picchu, we expl...

  • Ancient Secret Discoveries

    1 season

    Join Jim Vieira, an internationally renowned writer and metaphysical researcher, as he embarks on a captivating journey through the mysteries of the past in this engaging series of presentations. Delve into the depths of history as Jim Vieira explores intriguing topics such as 'From Lemuria to At...

  • Andrew Gough

    1 season

    Andrew is a London based writer and presenter of historical mysteries. He is Editor of the
    history magazine, The Heretic ( and publishes his
    research on his website ( It has been estimated that Andrew’s
    television work is viewed by over 1 million pe...


    1 season


    Explore Russia's hidden wonders with Paul Stonehill: ancient temples on the Anabar Plateau, a 2000-year-old smartphone in Siberia, an Arctic sea anomaly, Vlasovka Labyrinth legends, Vatican archives' ancient alien clues, Soviet M.I.B., time travel experiments, underwater UFO e...


    1 season

    Watch the very “Best Of” 2023 4BK World Tour, held in Manchester, UK, presented by the Awakening Expo - Europe’s premier event of its kind! Dive into exclusive talks, panels, and interviews with experts, exploring paranormal, cryptids, mind-body-spirit, UAP disclosures, ancient mysteries, extra-t...

  • Why the Big Secret?

    1 season

    Join MUFON Field Researcher "Roderick Martin" as he explores the strange world of Ufology and reveals his expert insights into the field.

  • Sirius Vibes Podcast

    1 season

    Join Doctah B on a captivating podcast journey as he engages in transformative
    conversations with several guests. Explore music, humanity, quantum realms, personal
    growth, the power of bass, cosmic language, Afrobeat, community, creativity, cultural
    renaissance, and more. Discover the secrets of ...

  • Project Doorway

    1 season

    Project Doorway Advanced Studies of High Strangeness and Rach-land Phenomena: In this fascinating series Steve Mera reveals the advanced studies of Project Doorway, a 6-year study looking at the UFO Phenomena and its realistic association with the Paranormal, Cryptids and much more.

  • After Contact

    2 seasons

    Aliens are here, now what? Former ministry of defence Nick Pope poses the most important question facing mankind today: “What happens to humans after we make contact?”

    In this ground breaking show Nick investigates all of our human systems, our beliefs and infrastructures. What will change if t...


    1 season

    "Awaken the 6th Sense" is a transformative talk show featuring world-renowned experts
    who will teach the secrets of unlocking psychic powers and spiritual gifts. Explore at
    home with practical easy-to-follow exercises on astral projection, remote viewing,
    energy healing, and more to unleash your ...

  • Mystery School of Truth

    1 season

    Matthew LaCroix delivers an in depth understanding of ancient civilizations and their lost teachings.
    Covering the ancient cuneiform Tablets to the Pyramid's and Megalithic structures worldwide.
    Discussing the secret battle between the Eagle and the Snake.
    What does this all mean for our future?

  • Ask Doctah B

    1 season

    Doctah B Sirius opens up to discuss various topics with his special guests and audience
    volunteers. The goal is to educate, motivate, and inspire, by giving people the keys to
    self-realization, fuel for personal power and awakened clarity. Experience Doctah B's tools and
    techniques that give gues...

  • Secrets of Antarctica

    1 season

    Embark on an enigmatic expedition to the secretive realm of Antarctica, as host Brad
    Olsen uncovers its mysteries, from hidden history, Nazi bases and ancient civilizations
    to suppressed information and UFO encounters. Prepare to venture into the unknown,
    where curiosity leads to extraordinary di...

  • Forbidden Files

    7 seasons

    Dive into this cinematic series where the narrator investigates myths, legends and real case files with a curious mind and a serious tone. What could be happening beyond the conventional world they don't want you to question ? We cover everything from paranormal to aliens, Time travel, and unso...

  • Zohar 4BK Podcast

    1 season

    Step into the 4BiddenKnowledge Short Stories Podcast, your portal to a realm of profound discoveries, riveting revelations, and illuminating insights into the mystical and enigmatic dimensions that shape our reality.

    Narrated by Peter Twist

  • Lost Technology of Ancient Egypt.

    1 season

    In this series, Egyptologist, Hieroglyphics Expert, Tour Guide and Director of Saba Tours Mohamed Ibrahim, inspired by an equally passionate desire to share his wisdom, offers a wide spectrum of knowledge regarding the history, arts, literature, and culture of the ancient Egyptians.
    This series...

  • Calculate Your Destiny w/ King Simon

    1 season

    In this series, King Simon, an expert numerologist, will guide you on how to decode your numbers for guidance and find your true purpose. You will learn how numbers dictate everything in the universe and how to use this knowledge to help you on your journey for you to break down the calculations ...

  • Culture Cooking

    1 season

    "Culture Cooking" invites viewers to embark on a culinary adventure with Chef Abdul

  • The Mental Strategists

    1 season

    The Mental Strategists hosted by psychotherapist, Nikki Shepard and licensed trauma release instructor, Antonina Ashford.

  • Mind Over Matter

    1 season

  • Decoders of The Truth

    1 season

  • Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles

    1 season

    In Season 1, Richard examines reported incidents of UFO's shutting down U.S. military missiles, along with Ronald Reagan's UFO experiences, the incredible Travis Walton alien abduction incident, the U.S. governments attempt to remote view UFO's and alien bases, strange UFO encounters, secret adva...

  • Mysteries Of The Gods

    1 season

    Our Milky Way galaxy contains tens of billions of potentially habitable planets, but we have no idea whether we’re alone. For now Earth is the only world known to harbor life, and among all the living things on our planet we assume Homo sapiens is the only species ever to have developed advanced ...

  • 432 Hz Relaxing Mediation

    1 season

    432 Hz Relaxing Meditation by 4biddenknowledge

  • 4Biddenknowledge TV

    1 season

    4biddenknowledge collection.

  • Best Kept Secret with Sean Stone

    1 season

    Human trafficking, pedophilia, 'Satanic' politics... The Jeffrey Epstein scandal was the tip of the iceberg as Sean Stone, the former host of Buzzsaw, lays out the hidden agenda of the dark elite in this six-part documentary series… “Best Kept Secret” In this 'red pill' journey, Stone explores fa...

  • Mystery School By Billy Carson

    1 season

    EXCLUSIVELY Available only on 4BKTV

    Egyptian Mystery School Presented By Billy Carson

    Join in the Mystery School teachings in Ancient wisdom and knowledge connected within us and our ancient ancestors.


    Join Billy Carson as he takes you on an adventure through...

  • 4biddenknowledge Podcast

    1 season

    Billy Carsons Weekly podcast 4bidden Rants.

  • Bio-Hack Your Best Life

    1 season

    Bio-Hack Your Best Life S:1 Hosted by Elisabeth Hoekstra & Billy Carson

  • Bio-Hack Your $ex Life

    1 season

  • What If... We had full disclosure tomorrow.

    1 season

    What If...
    We had full disclosure on life in the Universe tomorrow ?
    How would you react ?
    What questions would you ask ?
    How would the public react ? What would they demand an answer to ?
    What would the government not want to answer
    In this documentary you will meet and hear people within the ...

  • The Armond & AnThony Show - Real Estate Shows

    1 season

    REAL ESTATE HEAT TV brings you the hottest 'heat from the streets' in the real estate industry!

    REAL ESTATE HEAT TV is destined to be the HOTTEST NEW Real Estate channel. We provide original content and shows in an innovative, creative, entertaining and educating fashion. Our concept is to prov...

  • Cosmically Connected With Cortney Kane Sides

    1 season

  • How To Buy The Hood

    2 seasons

    It’s time to stop the talk of “getting out the hood”! Now more than ever is the time to “Buy The Hood” and create generational wealth while improving our communities and creating better environments to live.

    Our channel will provide information to learn more about how to get involved in creatin...

  • Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks

    1 season

    Visit Higher Journeys Radio at to hear the latest interviews with Alexis and her thought provoking guests, FREE and on demand!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: While we at Higher Journeys welcome comments that are constructive and relevant to the subject matter being discus...

  • Matt LaCroix - Ancient History.

    1 season

  • Brien Foerster - Incatours -

    2 seasons

    Ancient Lost Worlds and Hidden History. On location videos made by author and adventurer Brien Foerster exploring Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Hawaii, Easter Island and other exotic places. With special emphasis on evidence that advanced technology and human history are at least 10,000 years old.


  • Docufobia. Life Beyond Our Existence.

    1 season

    Is there life beyond our existence ?
    The question have been asked by many, and only a few people have the knowledge and answers that we are searching for. Some of those "few" people are employees at NASA and are handling videos from ISS LIVE cameras and the videos from the STS mission Apollo miss...

  • Jimmy Church - Fade To Black w Billy Carson

    1 season

    Jimmy Church is a radio and television host for the Game Changer Network, Premiere and iHeartRADIO and The History Channel.

    Church is the host of 'FADE to BLACK' on the Game Changer Network and syndicated on KJCR, KGRA, iHeartRADIO, TSL, TuneIn and Spreaker.

  • Fitness Training With Mike Rashid

    1 season

    I’m now taking online clients:

    Download the Total Body OVERTRAINING PROGRAM HERE:
    Use the discount code: IGOTYOU

    Download my Overtraining program:

    Recommended Nutrition:

    Mwendo Stac...

  • Who Hurt You Hosted By Kay Cola

    1 season

    I love you. I hope you heal.

    Follow us below!
    Kay Cola:
    Young Pharaoh:
    Seth Furey:
    Bambi Martinez:

  • In Search of...

    1 season

    In Search of... is an American television series that was broadcast weekly from 1977 to 1982, devoted to mysterious phenomena. It was created after the success of three one-hour TV documentaries produced by creator Alan Landsburg: In Search of Ancient Astronauts in 1973 (based on the book Chariot...

  • Mars Moon Space TV

    3 seasons

    Mars Moon Space Tv is a channel dedicated to assist in finding and sharing information and finds of phenomena from accross the Universe and Globe.

    Founder Thomas Mikey Jensen
    Researcher UFAH - Documentary Film maker - Researcher Anunnaki History - Presenter of Mars Moon Space Tv alongside Co F...

  • Mars X 3D
    1 season

    Mars X 3D

    1 season

    Cross-view stereographic viewing, otherwise known as “X3D”, is the easiest HD way to view large-format stereo pairs without glasses.

    Quick-Start: Simply view the tutorial video in the link below, or…

    View the image pair at a comfortable distance
    Stare past the image pair, gently crossing you...

  • Freedom Family

    2 seasons

    Together as Matt Katt, Matt Maclean and Katrina Lilly channel and create healing through music. They allow the harmonies and melodies of divine masculine and feminine to flow through their voices, creating musical medicine and dynamic bliss. Their world music incorporates instruments, influences,...

  • Conscious Health & Wellness

    1 season

  • Conscious Convos With CrewZ & Angelee

    1 season

    A collection of Conscious Convos With CrewZ & Angelee

  • The Great Year

    1 season

    Just as the Earth’s spin on its axis causes day and night and it’s annual orbit around the Sun is responsible for the ongoing cycle of the seasons, what if there is some greater celestial cycle, lasting thousands of years, slowly influencing the rise and fall of civilization across the globe?


  • Ancient Star Map

    0 seasons

    Part 1 + 2
    Image shows Vatican viewed from above - St Peter's Key - Masonic star map! The discovery plot now usurped by the movie Prometheus - Wayne Herschel's narrated full version following TV interview on Matrix TV interview using the special graphics with updates on Key of Solomon and the Ra ...

  • Baltic Sea Anomaly. The Unsolved Mystery.

    1 season

    The Baltic Sea Anomaly, what do people think 5 years later after it was found.
    I decided to find out and invited a´lot of people to give me their opinions via skype.
    See episode 1 and you will meet Peter Lindberg, Cai Magnusson, Stefan Hogeborn and Dennis Åsberg, all members of the Ocean X Team, ...

  • Conscious Life Expo Conference 2020 Speakers and panel discussions

    4 seasons

    Speakers, presentations, panel discussion and more at Conscious Life Expo Conference 2020
    The primary intention of the Conscious Life Expo Conference and Exposition is to participate in the conscious co-creation of a new world, a world based on new paradigms in science, in spirituality, in longev...