Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles

Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles

11 Episodes

In Season 1, Richard examines reported incidents of UFO's shutting down U.S. military missiles, along with Ronald Reagan's UFO experiences, the incredible Travis Walton alien abduction incident, the U.S. governments attempt to remote view UFO's and alien bases, strange UFO encounters, secret advanced technologies, the incredible UFO dogfight over Iran, President Jimmy Carter's UFO sighting, information from whistleblowers on early UFO crashes, their occupants and an alien autopsy on film, the shooting of an alien at a U.S. military base, naval UFO sightings and a mysterious man who delivered a message of warning to Navy crewmen before vanishing and the strange alien visit to a school in Africa.

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Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles
  • UFO Chronicles Live Premier Hosted by Richard Dolan

    UFO Chronicles: UAP Shutting Down Missiles S1 E1
    A Demonstration of Power! Hosted by Richard Dolan

  • UFO Chronicles: UAP Shutting Down Missiles

    Episode 1

    In this episode, Richard Dolan reveals a number of shocking incidents when UFOs have allegedly appeared above highly sensitive military facilities and adversely affected nuclear weapons, such as shutting down inter-ballistic missiles. Incidents like this have seemingly taken place a number of tim...

  • UFO Chronicles - The Real Contact In The Desert - Ronald Reagan's UFO Encounter

    Episode 2

    In this episode, Richard describes Ronald Reagan's UFO sighting whilst travelling on a Cessna Citation aircraft. There were four persons on-board the plane: pilot Bill Paynter, two security guards, and the governor of California, Ronald Reagan who later became the president of the United States. ...

  • Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles -The Amazing Travis Walton Experience

    Episode 3

    In this episode, Richard examines the Travis Walton incident, which was one of the most famous and at the same time one of the most controversial cases in UFOlogy. Travis Walton is now a name that has become synonymous with the alien abduction phenomena thanks in no small part to the mass media a...

  • Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles - The Mysterious Axelrod

    Episode 4

    In this episode, Richard reveals how a government remote viewing program was attempting to spy on extraterrestrials. The star of the CIA's remote viewing program, Ingo Swann, was recruited by a covert operative by the name of Mr. Axelrod. Richard explains Ingo Swann's incredible ability of high a...

  • Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles - Why Should UFO's Matter To You?

    Episode 5

    In this episode, Richard explores the process of reporting a UFO and examines one such incident from 1976, when a group of people witnessed a huge craft in the sky that separated into four smaller crafts and shot off at high speed in different directions. Richard also explains how advanced techno...

  • Richard Dolands UFO Chronicles - UFO over Iran

    Episode 6

    In this episode, Richard examines an incredible UFO encounter in the skies over Tehran, Iran in 1976. The Imperial Iranian Air Force first received reports from the general public of an unusual craft in the sky, followed by a call from the Tehran airport tower. Scrabbling jets, pilots soon came f...

  • Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles - The Gifts Of The Gods

    Episode 7

    In this episode, Richard talks of the amazing work by prolific UFO researcher Leonard Strigfield and the first United States president to go on record that he had witnessed a UFO himself... (President Jimmy Carter). Richard explains that Stringfield had obtained sensitive information from whistle...

  • Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles - Did we shoot an alien

    Episode 8

    In this episode, Richard reveals details in regards to the strange occurences that took place around Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base in 1978. U.S. Military police officers had noticed a considerable amount of UFO activity over Fort Dix on the early morning of January 18th. Also, Major George ...

  • Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles - Alien Aboard The USS Saratoga! Ep 9

    Episode 9

    In this episode, Richard examines reports of the high amount of U.S. Navy UFO Encounters and delves into one particular incident involving the crew of the U.S.S. Saratoga in 1987. Whilst out at sea, an unusual object was seen in the sky and was monitored by naval officers. Some time later, there ...

  • Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles - The Ariel School Children Encounter

    Episode 10

    In this episode, Richard examines the profound incident that took place at a school in Ruwa, Africa that involved many children witnessing a number of low flying UFO's, some of which descended to the ground and landed. Some of the children seemingly interacted with strange small beings before the...