Forbidden Files

Forbidden Files

7 Seasons

Dive into this cinematic series where the narrator investigates myths, legends and real case files with a curious mind and a serious tone. What could be happening beyond the conventional world they don't want you to question ? We cover everything from paranormal to aliens, Time travel, and unsolved mysteries of the universe. This is the stuff they really don't want you to understand. These are the Forbidden files.

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Forbidden Files
  • 1# The Dropa Stones - 12,000 Year-olds Artefacts made by Aliens

    Episode 1

    More than 700 stone discs were found in a vast cave system in the wilderness of the Chinese mountains in the late-1930s. Do their inscriptions tell a genuine account of an alien vessel that crashed to Earth thousands of years ago, leaving its crew stranded here? We take a look at the evidence…

  • 2# Taken from a Beach in Argentina to an Underwater Alien Base

    Episode 2

  • 3# The 1994 Missing Time Incident on The Pennine Hills… An Alien Abduction Case

    Episode 3

    When two teenagers parked their car on a hill to watch a fantastic fireworks display, they got a lot more than they could ever have bargained for. The evening quickly went from the brilliant, colourful spectacle above them, to an ominous and unsettling experience that would change both of their l...

  • 4# What Happened to the Ancient Sumerian Stargate found by the U.S Military

    Episode 4

    Did the United States military invade Iraq in 2003 on orders to locate and obtain an ancient Sumerian Stargate? There are many who believe that such an artefact does indeed exist, and that it was obtained at some point in the early twenty-first century, behind the scenes of the unfolding horrors ...


    Episode 5

    In the summer of 1988, Carlos Mercado claimed to have been abducted by aliens from his home in Puerto Rico in the middle of the night. Once inside a silver disc-like craft, he was confronted by a humanoid alien whom he referred to as “The Doctor,” who told him he had been brought there for an imp...

  • 6# He Was Considered as the First Ancient Extraterrestrial Chinese Emperor

    Episode 6

    Chinese legend tells of a great ruler who descended from the heavens around 5000 years ago, and who brought with him the sciences and wisdom of the universe. Today, some might interpret this ruler as an extra-terrestrial visitor who ruled over the local population as a god. While it might be temp...

  • 7# The Battle of Lake Baikal – Do Giant Aliens Reside Under the Waters?

    Perhaps one of the strangest UFO encounters from within the old Soviet Union occurred under the icy waters of Lake Baikal, in Siberia. The area has long been a UFO hotspot, with accounts of gigantic objects hovering over the water, and even claims of strange figures in “shiny suits” being sighted...

  • 8# The Bizarre Disappearances Bigfoot Sightings and UFO Reports of Crater Lake

    Crater Lake is a proud and enchanted body of water near Mount Mazama, part of the mysterious mountain ranges of the west coast of the United States. It is an area rich with haunting tales of strange deaths and disappearances, UFO and paranormal activity, and numerous sightings of strange creature...

  • 9# Return of the Planet Nibiru & the Ancient Alien Civilization

    Episode 9

    There is said to be a rogue planet at the furthest reaches of our solar system -- a mysterious, cosmic body that is due to show in our skies imminently, bringing with it a destructive pole-shift and the return of an ancient alien civilization. Join us as we tell you everything you need to know ab...

  • 10# The Black Goo – An Intelligent Alien Lifeform and the Death of Max Spiers

    Episode 10

    One of the most bizarre conspiracy theories you are ever likely to hear is that of the Black Goo, an apparent intelligent alien lifeform that was brought to the United Kingdom on battleships returning home from the Falklands War in 1982 and taken to an unknown, top-secret location. Such claims so...