32 Episodes

Watch the very “Best Of” 2023 4BK World Tour, held in Manchester, UK, presented by the Awakening Expo - Europe’s premier event of its kind! Dive into exclusive talks, panels, and interviews with experts, exploring paranormal, cryptids, mind-body-spirit, UAP disclosures, ancient mysteries, extra-terrestrials, and more!

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  • After Contact: The Impact of Disclosure on Our Society

    Episode 1

    In this 2023 4BK World Tour stop in Manchester, UK, Nick Pope, a 21-year veteran of the Ministry of Defence and a renowned expert on UFOs, delves into the profound societal impacts we may encounter with the prospect of First Contact. UFOs, once relegated to the fringes, have now entered mainstre...

  • Craig Charles The Man Behind the Red Dwarf, War of Robots, Gladiators, and UFOs

    Episode 2

    Buckle up for an unexpected journey as Jimmy Church from Fade to Black Radio delves into the illustrious career of Craig Charles at the 2023 4BK World Tour in Manchester, UK. Craig Charles, a versatile English actor, comedian, DJ, and TV and radio presenter, is renowned for his iconic roles in Re...

  • A NEW DAWN for DISCLOSURE & Contact With Non -Human Intelligences

    Episode 3

    4BK World Tour, Manchester, UK… Mary Rodwell presents on-going research of the changing face of Ufology and how Contact with Non -human Intelligences challenges our understanding of reality and leads to the question, how do we research the nature of human Consciousness? How are OBE’s, NDE’s, Re...

  • Deep Dive into Psi Phenomena Studies Consciousness & Floatation Tanks

    Episode 4

    In the 2023 4BK World Tour exclusive interview, Kirsty Allan discusses her psi phenomena studies, focusing on ESP abilities and sensitivity traits among experiencers. She shares insights from her floatation tank experiments, exploring enhanced human consciousness, and delves into her distinct pre...

  • ‘The Power of Three’ - Soul, Spirit & Body

    Episode 5

    Ever since history has been recorded, at least in a form that we can understand today, there has been an evolutionary spiritual association with rocks, then mounds, leading to huge Akkadian murals, forming a lineage to a process that we have largely forgotten. Among the ancient carvings are image...

  • Awaken to “Evidence-based” Paranormality with Nick Kyle

    Episode 6

    The 4BK World Tour in Manchester, UK is delving into the realm of paranormality with Nick Kyle. Nick's presentation promises a unique perspective, sharing his personal observations of compelling evidence for paranormal experiences. Much of this evidence comes from his firsthand encounters, some o...

  • Ancient Egyptian Temples – Centers of Healing & Spiritualty

    Episode 7

    Mohamed Ibrahim, the CEO of Saba Tours, Egypt's most respected tour operator and Amaon’s bestselling author, brought Egypt's lost history to Manchester in his first-ever UK appearance, where he presented "Ancient Egyptian Temples – Centers of Healing & Spirituality."

    In ancient Egypt, when peopl...

  • Sacred Sites, Healing Sounds and Magical Light

    Episode 8

    Maria Whitley takes us on a megalithic journey to many sacred sites at 2023 4BK World Tour, to show us ley lines, yin and yang earth currents and a powerful energy line born of vortex energy. She discovered that some earth energies equate to musical harmonics born of the Earth - Gaia’s mystical ‘...

  • Do Highly Sensitive People Have Psychic Abilities

    Episode 9

    Do you think and feel deeply? Do you have deep intuitive or psychic experiences? What if… sensitivity is your greatest strength? What if that sheer depth of thinking and feeling reflects a very real processing style that is conducive to psychic experience? In this talk, Kirsty will guide you in e...


    Episode 10

    There is often a difference between what we THINK we know, and how strange reality can truly be. Such is the case concerning alien implants-- these mysterious, implanted objects found in unsuspecting humans. Sims has conducted 27 surgeries for the purpose of their removal to uncover their secrets...

  • Kinsella Brothers Unveil Lifelong Alien Contacts with the GREYS

    Episode 11

    In the 2023 4BK World Tour exclusive interview, Kinsella Brothers share childhood experiences of contact incidents with non-human intelligences, revealing alien abductions and experiments, and discussing their lifelong fascination with UFOs, the paranormal, and cryptids, with special mention of a...

  • Intelligent Light Phenomena & Interdimensional Beings Insights by Nick Kyle

    Episode 12

    In the 2023 4BK World Tour exclusive interview, Nick Kyle shares his lifelong paranormal interests, stemming from childhood psychic awareness. He discusses evidence-based paranormal phenomena, experiences with intelligent lights, small crafts, and interdimensional communications witnessed during ...

  • Subconscious Revolution Reinvent Your Reality for Fulfillment

    Episode 13

    Experience an electrifying journey with Elisabeth Hoekstra at the 4BK World Tour Awakening Expo in Manchester, UK. She will unveil the power of reclaiming reality through subconscious reprogramming. Dive deep into your subconscious mind, where 95% of thought patterns reside. With cutting-edge bio...

  • Shift in Consciousness - A Deep Dive with Psychic Artist Cortney Kane Sides!

    Episode 14

    In the exclusive interview at 2023 4BK World Tour, Manchester, UK, a gifted psychic Cortney Kane Sides explores managing psychic abilities, waking the inner self, and the shifting consciousness. A spiritual advisor and artist, Cortney discusses her work, including assisting athletes and connectin...

  • Billy Carson’s - 4BiddenKnowledge Revealed Panel

    Episode 15

    Join us for an enlightening ‘4BiddenKnowledge Revealed’ Panel at 2023 4BK World Tour Manchester, UK where Billy introduces and welcomes a line-up of brilliant minds to the stage. Each panellist shares their unique insights on the concept of Forbidden Knowledge, exploring its intriguing and signif...

  • Maria Wheatley Explores Energy Lines & Ancient Skull Mysteries of Great Britain

    Episode 16

    In the 2023 4BK World Tour exclusive interview, Maria Wheatley explores ley lines, ley systems, and the secret power in the land recognized by ancient civilizations. She discusses her findings on different skull shapes in long and round barrows and the unique energy in ancient sites like Glastonb...

  • Mohamed Ibrahim - Decoding Egyptian Techniques & Hidden Historical Secrets!

    Episode 17

    Mohamed Ibrahim, specializing in Egyptian history, discusses the potential future changes in interpreting ancient teachings in his exclusive interview at the 2023 4BK World Tour. He explores the Egyptians’ unparalleled knowledge and techniques, emphasizing the significance of sunlight, magnetic r...

  • Decoding Alien Abduction's Hazardous Side with Expert Derrel Sims

    Episode 18

    In the 2023 4BK World Tour exclusive interview, Derrel Sims shares insights on alien abduction, showcasing physical evidence and exploring overlapping phenomena with ghosts, angels, and demons. He emphasizes the often-overlooked dangerous aspects of such encounters.

  • Steve Mera on Tearing Down Walls Between UFO & Paranormal Studies

    Episode 19

    In the 2023 4BK World Tour exclusive interview, Steve Mera delves into Project Doorway's discoveries regarding ancient, varied paranormal, UFO, and cryptid encounters, emphasizing the phenomena's deceptive and evasive nature, and outlining protection strategies for experiencers.

  • Mary Rodwell Reveals ET Insights & Humanity's Consciousness Shift!

    Episode 20

    In an exclusive interview at 2023 4BK World Tour, Manchester, UK, Mary Rodwell discusses her work with extra-terrestrial contactees, exploring varied experiences, the concept of humans as hybrids, and signs of a global consciousness shift, with insights into ancient knowledge and humanity's evolu...

  • Barry Fitzgerald on Paranormal, UFOs & Deception Recognition Insights!

    Episode 21

    Steve Mera interviews Barry Fitzgerald at the 2023 4BK World Tour, discussing Fitzgerald's extensive work and observations on paranormal and UFO phenomena. With over 30 years of experience, Fitzgerald explores commonalities between various phenomena and shares insights on recognizing and protecti...

  • Paul Sinclair - Exploring UFOs, Paranormal & Cryptids’ Interconnected World

    Episode 22

    In the 2023 4BK World Tour exclusive interview, Paul Sinclair delves into his studies and personal experiences with UFOs, paranormal, and cryptid encounters. He explores their interconnectedness, historical significance, and presence in areas with positive magnetic anomalies, while sharing his pr...

  • Mysteries Unveiled Mars Life Evidence and Atlantis Connection

    Episode 23

    Join Billy Carson for an intriguing lecture as part of the 4BK World Tour in Manchester, UK, that delves into the captivating realms of space and history. Explore the latest findings from Mars missions that suggest the possibility of past or even present life on Mars. Investigate the tantalizing ...

  • Us vs. Them: Aliens, Atlantis, and the Code of the Universe

    Episode 24

    Join Melissa Tittl, a seasoned researcher and TV producer renowned for her work on Alien encounters in popular shows like UFO Witness and Ancient Aliens. In this enlightening talk, we unravel the enigma of Aliens, Atlantis, and a universal code that binds our existence.

    Explore the notion of "Us...