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ZoharStarGate TV - Mysteries - UFO - Paranormal - Space
  • Anomalous Skinwalkers - Full Documentary

    Anomalous features just some of the investigations that writer and researcher Paul Sinclair has done over a number of years in the concentrated areas of Bempton, Speeton and Flamborough, here in the United Kingdom.
    Paul has been able to uncover & connect dozens of accounts of strange phenomena, t...

  • ESA’s Gravity-Mapper Reveals Relics Of Ancient Continents Under Antarctic Ice

    Newly released data from a European satellite has revealed the tectonic underworld below the frozen southernmost continent. Researchers have created incredible 3-D maps of Antarctica’s tectonic underworld and found that the ice has been concealing the remains of an ancient supercontinent’s spect...

  • The Most Authentic Historical UFO Incidents Caught On Film... Part 1

    ut history there have been many reports of UFOs, some which have even
    been captured by the military and members of the public, long before the rise of the
    flying drones and even photographic manipulation software. Such pieces of film and
    accounts have stood the test of...

  • The Most Authentic Military UFO Incidents... Caught on Film Part 2

    Without the aid of the internet and photographic / video
    manipulation software, there remain
    s some incredible UFO footage taken by
    reporters and military
    cameramen. Can we consider these strange aerial vehicles to be our own
    technology being secretly test flown and causing concerns for numerous...

  • NASA Satellite Shows Ancient Structures & Mysterious Pyramid in Antarctica

    Melting snow in Antarctica due to global climate change may have revealed signs of ancient human settlement on the icy continent. Some researchers believe that the disappearing snow is finally exposing the mysterious truth about the South Pole, that ancient sailors may well have reached the conti...

  • 1964 Satellite Photos show Ancient Ruins in the Middle East and Antarctica

    Recently declassified U.S. spy and weather satellite photographs taken above most areas of the world have been causing a stir amongst archaeologists. Amongst other findings the photos reveal long lost civilisations in the Near and Middle East, mysterious structures, holes in the ice and evidence ...

  • Ancient Mysterious Technologies Discovered... But Where Did They Come From?

    Nicholas Roerich was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, on October 9, 1874. When he was nine, a noted archeologist came to conduct explorations in the region and took young Roerich on his excavations of the local tumuli. The adventure of unveiling the mysteries of forgotten eras with his own hands s...

  • The Lost Pacific Continent of Advanced Human Beings... Did It Really Exist?

    According to Churchward, the lost Pacific continent of Mu "extended from somewhere north of Hawaii to the south as far as the Fijis and Easter Island." He claimed Mu was the site of the Garden of Eden and the home of 64,000,000 inhabitants known as the Naacals. Its civilization, which flourished ...

  • The Yamana Beach Skull – An Antarctica Mystery

    A woman’s skull -the oldest known human remains ever found in Antarctica- discovered lying on Yamana Beach at Cape Shirreff in Antarctica’s South Shetland Islands, has become one of the continent’s biggest mysteries. No surviving documents have ever been discovered to explaining how or why a youn...

  • What Did Steven Spielberg and US Presidents Really Know About The UFO Phenomenom

    The subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrials is vast and spans the entire
    Now in the 21st century the concept of aliens and their flying crafts
    are everywhere. There is no way to ignor the fact that we have been dripfed information for m any years. But what about those who know what's going ...

  • We Now Know That UFOs Are Utilizing Doorways In Specific Locations...

    Over the last couple of years there has been some fascinating footage
    caught by military pilots of unknown crafts that seemingly have incredible flying capabilities.
    But doe this mean that they are true UFOs or could they actually be our own secret advanced technology that is testing our U.S. fle...

  • What Did Admiral Byrd Really Put In His Diaries...

    The stories have circulated for many years and there has been much
    speculation over the expedition to Antarctica by Admiral Byrd and his claims as to what he exp erienced there.
    But what do we really know about this expedition and the diary logs of Admiral Byrd.
    Was his claims untrue or had he re...

  • We Are Already In A Form of UFO Disclosure...

    Many researchers around the world long for the day that the
    governments of the world inform the public that 'we are not alone' and that
    extraterrestrial beings are visiting earth.
    However, the likelihood of that happening is
    very slim. The implications of such an
    announcement would be huge and im...

  • USOs Are Targeting Boaters Near Santa - Catalina Island...

    For over 100 years, people have been reporting UFOs between the
    island of Santa
    Catalina and the mainland. Mile for mile, this body of water has the
    most underwater
    UFO reports in the world. Researchers have speculated that a UFO base may lie
    the seabed 5000 feet below and now, the U.S. Navy...


    Stories of people travelling forward and back in time has often stirred
    the imagination. However, could som
    e of these stories be true. The latest
    discoveries by NASA and
    independent physicists have revealed that portals do exist along with other realities
    that we hav

  • They Shut Down Our Defenses

    It would seem, through obtaining government records
    whistleblowers coming forward that there have been many accounts of UFO
    incursions over military
    bases, some of which are high security facilities. Such incursions have resulted in
    shutting down missiles, causing them to go offline. On occa...

  • The Truth Behind The Real Project Bluebook... (Were We All Duped?)

    Many have heard of the infamous Project Bluebook. A U.S. study into
    the UFO phenomena, brought about by public damand for answers in regards to
    what the UFO
    phenomenon represaented. However, were
    we all fooled? There seemed to be a
    great effort to demonstrate that the U.S. government were taking ...

  • Strange Discoveries on Mars

    Mysterious Mars, The Origin of Humanity And Extraterrestrial Civilizations
    Many continue to ponder over the or
    igin of humanity. As we become
    more advanced in technology we begin to discover things that don't seemingly
    add up. Planet Mars has been the focus point for many researchers, especially ...

  • Snatched From The Sea...

    Its easy to dismiss oceanic disappearances as accidents, severe
    storms dragging ships to their doom and of course, the modern day pirates that
    ge such vessels. What you
    don't tend to get is the information pertaining to the more profound disappearances
    that still continue to date. Its as if...

  • Is Earth's Moon Really a 'Natural' Satellite?...

    A remarkably popular “theory” is the Hollow Moon Hypothesis. The big
    question that this theory asks is “Is the Moon Hollow?” At this point
    you are probably furrowing your brow and asking yourself that very question. Many people have asked this, and have been asking it since the first moon landing...

  • Response to New York Times UFO Disclosure... Who Are Those UFOs

    Recent government release of a new UFO Program that may have followed on from
    AATIP are set to disclose real UFO crash retrieval programs! Sounds too good to be
    but the New York Times is heading the public release
    of information pertaining to a
    UFO crash retrieval program, that has been sec...

  • New Evidence Shows Rocks Were Melted

    Are there a guarded secrets in regards to ancient lost knowledge? Many
    ancient civilizations from
    around the world seemingly had knowledge
    of how light and sound frequencies as well as monatomic elements could assist with
    passing through doorways to another reality. A place referred as 'the

  • Hypersonic Transmedium Travel of UFOs Are Being Filmed... Are We Being Duped?

    Over the last two years there have been some groundgreaking discoveries with the released of military aircraft film footage of UFOs carrying out incredible maneuvers in close proximity to the U.S. Naval Fleet. Many are now questioning, why were pilots pitted against these assumed UFOs imediately ...

  • Antarctic's Anomalies, Secret Bases And Operation High Jump

    The naval component of Operation Highjump was known as Task Force
    68 and comprised 4700 military personnel, one aircraft carrier (the USS Philippine Sea among
    the largest of all carriers of the time), and number of naval support ships and aircraft.
    The Naval expedition was headed by famed polar e...