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What Did Admiral Byrd Really Put In His Diaries...

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    Many researchers around the world long for the day that the
    governments of the world inform the public that 'we are not alone' and that
    extraterrestrial beings are visiting earth.
    However, the likelihood of that happening is
    very slim. The implications of such an
    announcement would be huge and im...

  • USOs Are Targeting Boaters Near Santa...

    For over 100 years, people have been reporting UFOs between the
    island of Santa
    Catalina and the mainland. Mile for mile, this body of water has the
    most underwater
    UFO reports in the world. Researchers have speculated that a UFO base may lie
    the seabed 5000 feet below and now, the U.S. Navy...


    Stories of people travelling forward and back in time has often stirred
    the imagination. However, could som
    e of these stories be true. The latest
    discoveries by NASA and
    independent physicists have revealed that portals do exist along with other realities
    that we hav