Forbidden Files

Forbidden Files

7 Seasons

Dive into this cinematic series where the narrator investigates myths, legends and real case files with a curious mind and a serious tone. What could be happening beyond the conventional world they don't want you to question ? We cover everything from paranormal to aliens, Time travel, and unsolved mysteries of the universe. This is the stuff they really don't want you to understand. These are the Forbidden files.

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Forbidden Files
  • The Alien Abduction of Lynda Jones… the British UFO Encounter Case Like No Other

    Episode 8

    In the summer of 1979, near Manchester, England, 36-year-old Lynda was walking along a riverbank with her two children when an otherworldly encounter unfolded involving a UFO and 90 minutes of missing time. Lynda would attempt to forget the unsettling episode, but eventually she underwent hypnoti...

  • The Big Sur Incident - Did A UFO Shoot Down a Nuclear Test Missile

    Episode 7

    On the morning of 22nd September 1964, Robert Jacobs was preparing to oversee the test launch of an Atlas missile. As he and his team watched the test-nuke climb skyward over Pacific Ocean, all appeared fine. The next day, however, classified film footage of the launch was shown to have captured ...

  • An Evening BBQ Session ended up with an Alien Abduction Incident

    Episode 6

    Friends and neighbours were enjoying an evening BBQ in the middle of a typical English housing estate when a UFO suddenly appeared directly overhead. What happened next was so strange that only hypnotic regression could uncover the full details. This powerful but little-known case of alien abduc...

  • He Time Traveled to the Year 3096… The Remarkable Story of Paul Amadeus Dienach

    Episode 5

    The astonishing encounters of Paul Amadeus Dienach began when he fell into a coma for several months following an illness in 1922. Upon waking, he claimed that his consciousness had traveled in time to the year 3096 and entered the body of a man named Andrew Notham, allowing him to see the world ...

  • Lesser Known, Yet Very Significant UFO Crashes You May Never Heard Of

    Episode 4

    Everyone has heard of the Roswell Incident; but that’s not the only example of a flying saucer allegedly crashing to Earth. Here, we examine three lesser-known UFO crashes from around the world, which strongly support the remarkable notion that the powers-that-be are in possession of craft and bo...

  • This UFO Encounter Ruined His Life… The Falcon Lake UFO Incident

    Episode 3

    The shocking case of a man whose VERY close encounter with a landed-UFO left him hospitalised with burns and radiation sickness. His case was investigated by the government and is supported by remarkable physical evidence. What happened at Canada’s Falcon Lake that day in 1967? This may just be t...

  • “Sharon” - The Aliens that Abducted Her Told Her They Built the Pyramids

    Episode 2

    An astonishing, little-known case of alien abduction in which the experiencer describes being inside huge rooms inside vast spaceships containing many other alien abductees. Remarkably, in this case, the alien abductors told their captor that it was THEY who had built the pyramids of Giza, as wel...

  • a Close Encounter with ‘Grasshopper’ Aliens on a lonely Road in the Yukon

    Episode 1

    “Kevin” was on a hunting trip near the Ross River in the Yukon region of Canada. During this three-day vacation in the wilderness, while staying in a friend’s isolated trailer, he began to feel as if he were being watched. Soon enough, he would encounter a UFO and its occupants – insectoid entiti...