Mysteries - UFO's & Space Anomalies

Mysteries - UFO's & Space Anomalies

Mysteries - UFO's & Space Anomalies
  • The Cosmic Cantina - UFO Crashes

    With the recent United flight that avoided near-disaster from an exploding engine, literally above our heads here in Colorado, we decided we wanted to investigate UFO crashes!
    Released documents have noted that we may or may not have downed alien aircraft in our possession, but what does that me...

  • Amazing Story of The Philadelphia Experiment - Documentary

    The Philadelphia Experiment is one of the most grotesque military urban legends ever — and endured as an infamous World War II conspiracy theory. But is there any truth to it?

  • Richard Dolans UFO Chronicles

    1 season

    In Season 1, Richard examines reported incidents of UFO's shutting down U.S. military missiles, along with Ronald Reagan's UFO experiences, the incredible Travis Walton alien abduction incident, the U.S. governments attempt to remote view UFO's and alien bases, strange UFO encounters, secret adva...

  • Anomalous Skinwalkers - Full Documentary

    Anomalous features just some of the investigations that writer and researcher Paul Sinclair has done over a number of years in the concentrated areas of Bempton, Speeton and Flamborough, here in the United Kingdom.
    Paul has been able to uncover & connect dozens of accounts of strange phenomena, t...

  • 15 Minutes with 15 Images of Mars

    15 of the best pictures showing anomalies on the Red Planet Mars

    1 season


    1 season

    AWAKEN, a 4biddenknowledge Original Series with Freddy Silva.
    Although not immediately apparent, the following books form part of the teachings of ancient systems of knowledge known as the Mysteries, the pursuit of which has been sought by the curious for millenia, often via gnostic societies — ...


    The Black Knight Satellite evidence that has never been seen and interviews from key credible sources. Anomaly analysis from digital imaging experts and more. A documentary by Billy Carson.




  • Best of Mars 2

    Thank you for watching.
    Best of Mars 2 is a compilation of the pictures used by Thomas Mikey Jensen Co founder of United Family of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH) at the 5th Annual Mars Conference Alabama US 2016.
    All the images are label with ID numbers to verify the pictures as sourced by NASA's satelli...

  • ZoharStarGate TV - Mysteries - UFO - Paranormal - Space

    25 items

    Welcome to ZoharStarGate TV Playlist

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  • What If... We had full disclosure tomorrow.

    1 season

    What If...
    We had full disclosure on life in the Universe tomorrow ?
    How would you react ?
    What questions would you ask ?
    How would the public react ? What would they demand an answer to ?
    What would the government not want to answer
    In this documentary you will meet and hear people within the ...

  • Baltic Sea Anomaly. The Unsolved Mystery.

    1 season

    The Baltic Sea Anomaly, what do people think 5 years later after it was found.
    I decided to find out and invited a´lot of people to give me their opinions via skype.
    See episode 1 and you will meet Peter Lindberg, Cai Magnusson, Stefan Hogeborn and Dennis Åsberg, all members of the Ocean X Team, ...

  • Bringing Down The Light

    Brining Down The Light
    A film Documentary by Chris Turner and Paul Sinclair

  • TREES On Mars And MUCH MORE!

    As always, look for the picture links at the bottom of the description. Thanks for Watching! Best Regards, Chris....

    IMAGE CREDIT GOES TO: ESA / NASA / JPL / University of Arizona / Caltech / Msss

    ** These pictures are made public to the people**

  • UFO Sightings - Dennis Asberg - Time To Talk

    UFO Sightings.
    Dennis Asberg explain how his UFO sighting back in 1996 change his way of thinking since he saw a huge giant cigarshaped object over the military facility in Ursvikt.
    Have this UFO witness statement opened up for a deeper investigation and research into Swedish abandoned military b...

  • Hundreds Of Structures Hidden In This Apollo 15 Photo

    This Apollo 15 photo was a serious challenge! When you see the photo, you'll understand why. Despite their efforts to completely cover everything, I was able to still drag out a lot of these anomalies. Have a look
    and then drop your thoughts below. Don't forget to LIKE and SHARE this video. It i...

  • Billy Carson With Dr. Steven Greer

    20th Anniversary of the Historic Disclosure Project National Press Club Event.
    Webinar with Dr. Greer and others with astounding new evidence and its implications.
    April 25, 2021 – 1pm – 6 pm pacific time
    Click HERE to find out more and sign up!

  • Are These The Ruins Of The Lost City Of Atlantis

    As always, look for the picture links at the bottom of the description. Thanks for Watching! Best Regards, Chris....

    IMAGE CREDIT GOES TO: ESA / NASA / JPL / University of Arizona / Caltech / Msss

    ** These pictures are made public to the people**

  • UFO above Copenhagen. A Danish Cover-up case from 1959

    So...when I stated making this movie, I had no clue of were we would be today. One could argue that there are more important things to be aware of these days then and old UFO case. I dream about a time were people don't have to use most of their waking hours surviving manipulation and lies. If th...



    FEATURING: Alex Teplish, Jamie Janover, Roderick Martin, Duncan Lunan, Chris Moroney, Erich Von Daniken, Patrick Jackson, Randy Veitenheimer, Jonny Enoch, Steve Mara, Sonja Grace, Richard Dol...

  • 4biddenknowledge Podcast - Gradual Acceptance Of UFO's And Disclosure

    Billy Carson & Roderick Martin Talk UFO's, MUFON and acceptance of UFO's and Disclosure

  • The Night They Came - Full Movie

    When a grieving son from Compton finds a cryptic video message about failed attempts to contact extraterrestrials in his late father's cell phone, the determined boy sets out to complete his dad's ambitious quest to solve the universe's greatest puzzle, so he can communicate with his father one l...

  • Just Think About It - Life On The Moon

    22°42'38.46"N 142°34'44.52"E is the cordinates to copy and paste to look for your self.

    SpaceLink Tv is a channel dedicated to assist in finding and sharing information and finds of phenomena from accross the Universe and Globe.
    If we find it we SHARE it.
    We share the best to our knowledge and...

  • Just Think About It - Life On Mars !

    Are we looking at old structures on the Martina surface ?
    Follow the instructions on how to download and analyse a satellite image like this one from NASA's webpage.

    SpaceLink Tv is a channel dedicated to assist in finding and sharing information and fin...

  • The Black Knight Satellite - The Untold Story

    The Black Knight Satellite The Untold Story will soon be available ONLY on