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Matt LaCroix - Ancient History.

Forbidden Knowledge, Hidden Origins, The Stage of Time - Guest Matthew LaCroix

1h 18m

Up Next in Ancient History Research Debate and Discussions Presented by Author Matt LaCroix

  • Secret tunnels and chambers under the...

    Egypt contains some of the most important archeological records on Earth and is a treasure trove of massive ancient structures including the Sphinx, and Great Pyramids. Countless tunnels and shafts have been discovered in the last several years around the Great Pyramids of Giza, and even inside t...

  • Mysteries of the Anunnaki and Planet X

    Look all around the world at the state of society and the rapidly changing climate. From super storms, and earthquakes, to volcanoes, and ocean level changes, we all deserve to know what’s really happening, and if an outside force is actually to blame for all of this. Has the truth about Planet X...

  • 1987 Encyclopedia And The 9th Planet

    In 1972 NASA launched the Pioneer 10 probe to explore and study the outer reaches of our solar system, and to help explain the anomalies seen to the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. Astronomical observations taken of the planets showed that some outside force was tilting and pulling at their orbits ...