Matt LaCroix - Ancient History.

Matt LaCroix - Ancient History.

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Matt LaCroix - Ancient History.
  • Matt Lacroix Lost & Tanner Chaney - civilizations and Hidden History

    Episode 1

    Could our history be far older and more complex than we’re told? And is there evidence that points towards the existence of lost civilizations that disappeared more than 12,000 years ago? From reviewing ancient records, megalithic ruins, and pyramids around the world, this presentation aims to re...

  • Tsunamis - Pole Shift Events - Ancient Disasters of the Past and Future

    Episode 1

    Seismic readings over the last several months have shown a dramatic increase in earthquake swarms across the plate boundaries of the Earth, signaling a major event will occur in 2018. After a series of devastating earthquakes hit Mexico and Iran killing hundreds of people, and volcanoes all acros...

  • Siege of Nineveh and Ancient Secrets of Mesopotamia Documentary

    Episode 1

    Surrounded by war and nearly forgotten to time, the crumbling ruins of the cities of Nineveh and Babylon may hold some of the most incredible secrets of the past. Traveling across ancient Mesopotamia we will follow the rise and fall of empires, all linking back to the Sumerian gods of antiquity. ...

  • Secrets of the Solar System, Lost Civilizations, and the Nature of Reality

    Episode 1

    Is there evidence that proves that a rogue planet and binary star exists in the outer Solar System? Why is that evidence being hidden from society? From the secrets of lost civilizations, the Anunna, and ancient texts, to the incredible discoveries made by the Pioneer 10 in the outer Solar System...

  • Pyramids of the World - Ancient Technology

    Episode 1

    Billy Carson and I join AllatRa TV for the world premiere of Pyramids: Ancient Technology, a full-length documentary featuring expert panelist from around the world. Simultaneously translated into 12 languages, this unique documentary brings together historians, researchers, climatologists, and a...

  • Lost Truth of History – Ancient Civilizations and Global Catastrophes Movie.

    Episode 1

    New discoveries being made around the world point to a far older and more complex human story than most modern academics are willing to admit. From the secrets found within ancient texts, to spectacular monuments, and complex-megalithic structures, compelling evidence exists to show that ancient ...

  • Searching for Atlantis: Sunken Cities and Ancient Cataclysms - Matthew LaCroix

    Episode 1

    Ancient texts, sophisticated megalithic structures, and legends from around the world tell of grand civilizations that once thrived on the planet that suddenly disappeared without warning from great catastrophes that occurred long ago. What did Plato mean by the location of Atlantis being west of...

  • Atlantis: Unknown History Documentary - Lost Civilizations - Matthew LaCroix

    Episode 1

    I join AllatRa TV for the world premiere of Atlantis: Unknown History & Search for Truth, a full-length documentary featuring expert panelist from around the world. Simultaneously translated into 16 languages, this unique documentary brings together historians, researchers, geologists, climatolog...

  • Ancient Bloodlines of the Nephilim & Lost Civilizations Matthew LaCroix Podcast

    Episode 74

    onathan and Chaney from the Idiocalypse Podcast join me to discuss ancient bloodlines, lost civilizations, cuneiform tablets, cataclysms, and the forbidden secrets of antiquity. Are we missing an entire chapter of human history due to violent catastrophes that occurred long ago? From enigmatic te...

  • How Elites Are Rewriting the Past w/ ‘The New’ Decoders of Truth

    The world we inhabit is integrally linked to it’s history, but unfortunately, the history we’ve been taught isn’t always the history that happened. Despite being on the cusp of a golden age, the dark forces are still doing everything they can to stop us from unearthing their secrets.

    Ancient ci...

  • John F. Kennedy, Secret Societies, and the Military Industrial Complex - Echoes of Our Forefathers

  • Inception Radio Show - Vatican Archives, Ancient History, Emerald Tablets

  • Journeying Down the Rabbit Hole of Truth - The Maze of the Mind

  • Intelligent Universe, Golden Ratio, Drake Equation, Ancient Civilizations

  • Hidden Origins and Forbidden History, Nephilim, Antediluvian Civilizations

    Hidden Origins and Forbidden History, Nephilim, Antediluvian Civilizations

  • Forgotten Epoch of Ancient History and Secrets of the Past

    Episode 6

    Is human civilization really only 6,000 years old as we’re taught in school or is it in fact much older? Why are key pieces of evidence simple being ignored? Starting with the Epic of Gilgamesh and linking the newly discovered text known as the Death of Biligames, all the way to the Sumerian King...

  • Global Cataclysms, End of the Younger Dryas, Ice Core Data - Pole Shift

    Travel back 12,800 years ago to the end of the Younger Dryas period when violent cataclysms struck Earth, leading to an end of the ice age and great flood that wiped away most of our advanced knowledge of the past. From analyzing ice core climate data from Greenland to uncovering giant ripple mar...

  • Global Changes, WW3, Operation Paperclip

    Episode 8

    I am joined by Gerald Clark, Jay Campbell, and Rex Bear as we discuss the current state of our world and the direction our timeline is headed. Will the global elites succeed in starting WW3? We dive deep into consciousness, free will, extraterrestrials, and the new discoveries being made in Egypt...

  • Great Deluge and Human Origin Story-Atrahasis and Sumerian King List-Anunna

    Episode 9

    Ancient writings such as the Sumerian King List and Atrahasis, show that thousands of years ago advanced civilizations once thrived from the region of the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia, down to the great Nile Delta of Egypt, but disappeared suddenly without warning from a great catastrophe that...

  • Hidden Knowledge Inversion, of Truth, and Secrets of Ancient History

    Episode 10

    I sat down with the Friends of the Ozark Research Institute to give my first lecture discussing the tightly controlled narrative of history, the nature of reality, ancient cataclysms and lost civilizations, and forbidden texts. The first half of the show I give a high level overview, followed by ...

  • Forbidden Knowledge, Hidden Origins, The Stage of Time - Guest Matthew LaCroix

    Episode 11

    Forbidden Knowledge, Hidden Origins, The Stage of Time - Matthew LaCroix and Chris Mathieu.

  • Secret tunnels and chambers under the Great Pyramid and Sphinx

    Episode 12

    Egypt contains some of the most important archeological records on Earth and is a treasure trove of massive ancient structures including the Sphinx, and Great Pyramids. Countless tunnels and shafts have been discovered in the last several years around the Great Pyramids of Giza, and even inside t...

  • Mysteries of the Anunnaki and Planet X

    Look all around the world at the state of society and the rapidly changing climate. From super storms, and earthquakes, to volcanoes, and ocean level changes, we all deserve to know what’s really happening, and if an outside force is actually to blame for all of this. Has the truth about Planet X...

  • 1987 Encyclopedia And The 9th Planet

    Episode 14

    In 1972 NASA launched the Pioneer 10 probe to explore and study the outer reaches of our solar system, and to help explain the anomalies seen to the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. Astronomical observations taken of the planets showed that some outside force was tilting and pulling at their orbits ...