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  • NASA calls STS-75 UFO gathering "STAR...

    1st. NASA says we see ice, but @ 2:50 it is changed to stars! BUT these "STARS" are OVER THE EARTH!!! They are UFOs & CAP COM says he is waiting for STAR TREK "credits". Totally weird NASA comments: 'THIS IS LIVING PROOF THAT WE SEE STARS IN THE DAYTIME" to explain the UFOs even though WE SEE ma...

  • Many UFOs are ignored by NASA !

    As NASA shows the world a shot of unidentified objects, they discuss a totally different topic? Why show us then? From Martyn Stubbs NASA Archive.

  • NASA UFO under Satellite release

    A curious UFO appears (the UFO enters from the right side of the picture) on a NASA live feed. NASA is watching a VIP satellite release. So CAP COM had to keep the shot up live! (From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives)