Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

Martyn Stubbs Dedicated his time to find and upload NASA videos with Raw material of UFO's in space.
In his about section on YouTube he explain that his goal is to have all the material of disclosure shared as much as possible all over the world.

"I am Martyn Stubbs AKA secretnasaman. These are videos that I downloaded from NASA shuttle cameras, live during the 1990s. All the UFO clips are from my NASA UFO Archives, containing all video downloaded from mission STS-48 on, where I "discovered" all the NASA UFO video, including the STS-75 "Tether Incident" footage. My discoveries of NASA UFOs, now dominates YouTube because they have has been shared, copied & re posted, tens of thousands of times worldwide & they have have generated mega millions of hits! THIS WAS MY GOAL. To get as many people to view this genuine, unimpeachable, unedited NASA video as possible! THANK YOU everyone, for making this happen."

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Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.
  • 2 NASA UFOs - 30 secs.,zoom & turn in Space

    Amazing! UFOs doing turns. No ice cubes here! From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • Big Blob UFO in space

    A huge UFO is just off Earth's horizon, observing us. NASA quickly zooms past it! From martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • Astronaut Carpenter stunned by UFO "FIREFLIES"

    A little history video here, for Jim Oberg,who keeps challenging some facts about these early missions. Carpenter was 3 secs. late firing his retro rockets! Carpenter was even more amazed than John Glenn at the UFOs & this angered Chris Kraft. These UFOs were a NASA mystery for others on future m...

  • 2 huge SPACE UFOS on NASA CCD camera

    LOOK to the left side, at the bottom of the screen 9 secs. in for UFO#1, UFO#2 is at 50 secs.& both move to the right. NASA is not happy & are 100% aware we are seeing this. They try (RGB) blurring of this video, yet the UFOs stand out. After this B&W event, night shots stopped being downlinked l...

  • NASA UFO REDUX Pt.1 - Edited

    Being a video person, my narrative is in the editing, which is taking info from one source & transferring it to another source. Compilation,Pt. 1 from Martyn Stubbs Archives.

  • NASA UFO REDUX Pt.2-Edited

    My video edit is the narrative. It is all about putting 1 source with a 2nd source. Compilation Pt.2 From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archive

  • NASA UFO REDUX Pt.3 - Edited

    Continuing my narrative which is in the edits, taking 1 source & mixing it with another. Compilation Pt.3 from Martyn Stubbs Video Archives.

  • NASA UFO REDUX Pt.4 - Edited

    More editorializing via the edit, transferring one source to another, for the narrative. Compilation 4, from Martyn Stubbs video Archives.

  • 2 Different space UFOs - Edited Compilation

    Here is a look at both space phenomena. A study of action, but the action of what? From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • "Leisure Time" yields 5 mins of STS-80 UFOs

    Enjoy the hunt for UFOs yourself! They 'come & go' throughout this continuous clip.This is a 5 min. example of the fun I had, when I recorded & then viewed the NASA "Live" downloads, originating from the STS-80 Shuttle mission.These UFOs were always appearing throughout the entire STS-80 mission,...


    From a Jeff Challender edit, sent to me for my archives, before his sudden death. Thanks Andrew & L/L!
    This is part 1.

  • "And there's the ET" (external tank) & UFOs!

    A space shuttles' external tank floats away, surrounded by "stationary" UFOs, along with strange other objects moving quickly on screen. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • A UFO or a Shooting Star ?

    It's fun seeing what surprises there are in space!

  • A UFO In Space

    This lone UFO stands out in the darkness of space, as a NASA color cam looks at it, then pans away. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • 3 Mins. Watching a UFO. Weird NASA OCD !

    As you can see, NASA shows us black space until a UFO appears, left side... & they hold this because??? We even watch NASA continue watching it on their own big screen. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • 4 UFOs NASA observed

    !st a color shot with UFO upper left side, 2-UFO blobs, 3-UFO sits on the horizon, 4-UV cam TOP with UFO bottom left & rising. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.-

  • 2 Types Of UFOs On NASA Video

    The 1st UFO is at the top, after the pan, moving upwards & the 2nd (wait for it!} is bigger!. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • 2 NASA UFOs, 2nd is quick, clear & close

    At 24 secs. in- a UFO bottom left, BUT then at 34 secs. look TOP RIGHT ! (a surprisingly close, structured UFO) From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • Are these UFOs targeted by NASA ?

    Looking for stars to put a UV camera on or "target". From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • Amazing "flash frame" UFOs in colors, shapes & sizes

    NASA video in 'real time' makes these mere FLASHES, but, slowed down, we find these self-luminous UFOs moving all around the space shuttles. LEXX CCD SYSTEMS has confirmed that these UFOs are actual unknown "objects", in the vacuum of space. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archive.

  • Another UFO as Sat. Captured

    This is Part 2! On the right side of the screen, at the top appears another UFO. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • Air Force talks UFOs & confirms area 51 exists!

    This is a great example of why there will be NO UFO disclosure. A bad attitude by the military is on full display. Case Closed! From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • A UFO, A Satellite & The Shuttle Arm

    The Sat. is on the left, the UFO in the middle & the Canada Arm on the right. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

  • Big blurry space UFOs

    NASA video of stars, with a UFO exiting bottom left immediately, followed by another bottom right, moving left. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.