Forbidden Files

Forbidden Files

7 Seasons

Dive into this cinematic series where the narrator investigates myths, legends and real case files with a curious mind and a serious tone. What could be happening beyond the conventional world they don't want you to question ? We cover everything from paranormal to aliens, Time travel, and unsolved mysteries of the universe. This is the stuff they really don't want you to understand. These are the Forbidden files.

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Forbidden Files
  • Spirit of Justice - Ghosts Who Solve Their Own Mysteries

    Episode 1

    Some ghost stories have exerted such a dramatic effect upon witnesses that they have cracked unsolved mysteries, sometimes even influencing legal decisions. Among the standout cases:
    ▪ In the June 1897 “Greenbrier Ghost” trial of West Virginia, the apparition of Zona Heaster motivated her mother...

  • Project ‘Stargate’, Ingo Swann,

    Episode 2

    While enrolled in the United States’ Stargate Project, psychic Ingo Swann was charged with remote viewing a set of coordinates on the dark side of the moon by a mysterious government agent named “Mr. Axelrod.” Swann’s successful track record came to an abrupt halt as he saw a vision which simply ...

  • Unsolved Mystery of the Fort Mountain Ruins and the ‘Moon-Eyed’ People Race

    Episode 3

    Perched atop Fort Mountain in northern Georgia stands a mysterious stone wall, stretching 885 feet. Today, no one knows who built the structure, nor what purpose it served. There exist several possible candidates, each more intriguing than the last: Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto, alleged ...

  • The Mystery of Hengiform Forts… Ireland’s Gateway for Supernatural Forces

    Episode 4

    Ireland’s countless Iron Age ringforts have engendered wonder among folklorists and historians alike. To the superstitious, they are commonly regarded as access points to the Otherworld, enjoying a close association with the country’s robust fairy folklore. One common architectural feature found ...

  • UFOs & USOs Crashes on the Sea Floor… The Secrets of the Saucers’ Origins

    Episode 5

    Over the decades, the UFO community has weathered tease after tease that numerous flying saucers have crash-landed on Earth. Some may have even been retrieved by authorities. Yet 3 the surface of our planet is more than 71% covered in water— legions of extraterrestrial spacecraft could have falle...

  • Werewolf Shamans of the Eastern United States… Myths or Reality

    Episode 6

    Wolf imagery played a big part in certain indigenous American cultures, as did the idea that a human could magically transform into a wolf. But were these werewolf stories merely symbolic… or should we interpret them literally? New evidence suggests that some shamans may actually have endured sur...

  • Sucked off the Road by a UFO! The Knowles Family UFO Encounter

    Episode 7

    This is one of Australia’s most famous – and bizarre – UFO cases. On January 20, 1988, in Australia’s remote Nullarbor Plain, the Knowles family – consisting of Fay Knowles, her three sons, and their two dogs – were driving down a desolate stretch of road when they spotted an egg-shaped UFO that ...

  • An Interdimensional Encounter at Skinwalker Ranch

    Episode 8

    When two scientists observe a mysterious ball of light appear close to the ground on the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, they could never have guessed what would happen next. The scientists can barely believe their eyes as the ball of light grows and stretches into what appears to be a tunnel...

  • Alien Abduction in Finland in 1917 - 30 Years Before the Roswell Crash!

    Episode 9

    The astonishing account of Anni Lattu describes an alien abduction that occurred 30 years before the dawn of the modern UFO era. Lattu describes how a strange object descended from the sky and landed on the ground. Out of the object came “little devils” who took her onboard their strange vehicle ...


    Episode 10

    While walking through Florida’s Everglades one afternoon in 1994, renowned photographer Katherine Francovich and her two dogs were alerted suddenly to the presence of something strange nearby -- something that appeared to be watching them. Katherine would find herself staring at a humanoid alien ...