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Why the Big Secret?

Why the Big Secret? - Should we Fear the ET's ?


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    join Roderick Martin as he talks about his number one asked question and why we should be answering a different question first !

    Are we alone on planet Earth?

  • Why the Big Secret? - Cattle Mutilati...

    Cattle (and other livestock) Mutilations are a world wide situation and many are unexplainable. join Roderick Martin as he askes the Big Question. "Has this ever happened to Humans?"

    The truth may shock you!

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    The Tic Tac and Gimbal UAP videos "broke the internet" back in 2017 / 2019 when they were released, even today in US Congress the effects are still unfolding.
    Join Roderick as he gives his insight and conclusion for this encounter that left the pilots "shook" despite the media saying it was a fri...