Who Hurt You Hosted By Kay Cola

Who Hurt You Hosted By Kay Cola

33 Episodes

I love you. I hope you heal.

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Who Hurt You Hosted By Kay Cola
  • Toxic Masculinity & What Women Can Do About It - WHO HURT U (Part 1)

    Episode 25

    Our guest today (Bad Lucc) gives us insight into his story of how he, and men in general, are societally engrained with toxic masculinity, his wake up call through cheating on a partner and how women can deal with men trying to work through toxic traits.

    Who Hurt U is a podcast centered around h...

  • Why Black People Don't Date Each Other - WHO HURT U

    Episode 26

    This weeks episode we talk about why black people aren't as open with dating each other and why we often settle for different races. Have you ever been in a room with someone and felt the attraction yet neither party spoke? We try to understand the reasons why, Is it too challenging to co-exist w...

  • Why Girls Hate on Girls & Men Hate on Men - WHO HURT U

    Episode 27

    This weeks episodes is about friendship. We brought special guests Brian McKnight Jr. & Young Pharaoh to discuss what exactly a healthy friendship is. Why we get along with the opposite sex more and the reasons there is jealousy and competition within the same sex. Where is the love?

    Who Hurt U ...

  • Why We Do Everything Except Leave The Toxic Relationship - WHO HURT U

    Episode 28

    Once again we brought back our special guest/co-host Young Pharaoh to talk about toxic relationships and why people do everything except leave them. Why do we fight so hard for something or someone we know isn't right for us. I think everyone in the dating world can say they've fell victim to thi...

  • Why Women Fake Orgasms - WHO HURT U

    Episode 29

    Today’s episode is hilariously important...orgasms! Why do some women fake them?! We dive into the psychology of it and tell some crazy stories along the way!

    Who Hurt U is a podcast centered around healing, relationships, sex, love, mental health and so much more. Come along on our journey to u...

  • Why Does Her Vagina Smell Like That - WHO HURT U

    Episode 30

    This weeks episode we brought special guests Camilla & Young Pharaoh for a little sex education. In this episode we talk about everything from safe sex to how your PH balance can effect your partner. Bacterial infections can be avoided most times by being very cautious of our hygiene. Before poin...

  • Why You Are Single - WHO HURT U (Pt 1)

    Episode 31

    Part 1 of this episode on relationships explores why we are single and the difference between standards and expectations.

    Who Hurt U is a podcast centered around healing, relationships, sex, love, mental health and so much more. Come along on our journey to understand our trauma and how it affec...

  • Why You Are Traumatized - WHO HURT U

    Episode 32

    This weeks episode digs into the painful trauma that is passed down generationally from our ancestors. How can we break the cycle to have healthy relationships and become healthy? Featuring special guests Nicky Geezy and Aaron White, we give tips toward a better state of mind, love life and part...

  • Psychic Powers, Seeing Spirits & Indigo Children - WHO HURT YOU

    Episode 33

    This weeks episode we brought special guests Mia & Mir along with a very special guest Ms. Noa Lynn as they discuss spiritual gifts. These extraordinary spiritual gifts can be the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, increased faith, the gifts of healing, the gift of miracles, prophecy, the dis...