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  • The Enigmatic Waldseemuller Map

    The Waldseemuller map continues to baffle many experts. Why did the mapmaker name the territory America and then change his mind later? How was he able to draw South America so accurately? Why did he put a huge ocean west of America years before European explorers discovered the Pacific? Many hav...

  • The Enigma of the Black Madonnas

    There are black Madonnas and Black Madonnas. The former applies generically to any dark-skin-colored representation of Mary. Falling into this category are recent depictions of Our Lady like Larry Scully's Madonna and Child of Soweto. The term used frequently to designate these images is incultur...

  • The Burial Place of St Matthew?

    The ruins of a 2,500-year-old lost ancient civilisation were recently found in a lake in Kyrgyzstan (Keer-gistan). Some researchers believe that these ancient remains may include an ancient Armenian monastery where, according to legend, the body of St Matthew, one of Jesus' disciples and his many...