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Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


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  • Mind Over Matter - Stress Management

    Today 70% of the population is living in a state of stress and anxiety. Nikki Sheppard walks you through how to manage stress in anxiety in our every day lives.

  • Mind Over Matter - Relationships

    Having a relationship in today's fast paced world can be confusing and unsuccessful. Nikki Sheppard will walk you through the steps to finding the love of your life and communicating in a better way with all the people in your life.

  • Mind Over Matter - Dealing with Grief.

    We are all grieving. Loss is a part of humanity. We lose loved ones, we get a divorce and we fail to meet expectations. If you think about dealing with loss should be the first lesson we learn as humans. However, it is usually the last. In this episode therapist Nikki Sheppard walks you through t...