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The Big Picture

Solar System Mysteries


Up Next in The Big Picture - Season 1

  • Poltergeists and the Paranormal

    Steve and Robbie re-evaluate the current understanding of paranormal phenomena, especially those incidents that are referred to as Poltergeist Infestations. Does this profound and sometimes destructive phenomenon operate by a set of rules which can be identified within the advanced study of paran...

  • UFO Vs UAP

    Steve and Robbie dive headfirst into the complexities of government information pertaining to the Pentagon's secret UFO program known as AATIP as well as the involvement of 'To The Stars Academy'. Can we really trust what we are being told and do these UAP filmed by Navy pilots really constitute ...

  • Cryptids

    Steve and Robbie examine several reported sightings of Bigfoot and other strange cryptids from around the world which include the UK, where many researchers believe that such a beast could never go undetected. Are there metaphysical and paranormal attributes to this phenomenon, and if so, what ex...