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Why the Big Secret? - Are we alone in the Universe?

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    Many hundreds of species of extra-terrestrial entity have been described by tens-of-thousands of witnesses around the world. Among these alien variants, the so-called ‘Insectoids’ or ‘Mantids’ are occasionally reported. This video is your definitive overview of the Insectoids, examining their his...

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    join Roderick Martin as he rounds up the series and shows more evidence on the subject of alien life and UAP's.


    Thousands of years before the Inca, a megalithic civilization was founded at Lake Titicaca that spread 500 miles to Cuzco, and all across the Andes.

    Led by the god-man Viracocha and assisted by seven craftspeople called Shining Ones, these unusual people created monuments in stone using techniqu...

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