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Bill Donahue - 6A Mountain In The Sea

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    Episode 5 of IINNER WEALTH, David and Elisabeth welcome their first guest Billy Carson AKA 4biddenknowledge. They talk about the similarities between the movie Matrix, and the trauma matrix that people get stuck in. There are tons of hidden gems in the movie that are broken all the way down in th...

  • What If.. We Had Full Disclosure Tomo...

    What If...
    We had full disclosure on life in the Universe tomorrow ?
    With Billy Carson and Ken Johnston

    How would you react ?

    What questions would you ask ?

    How would the public react ? What would they demand an answer to ?

    What would the government not want to answer

    In this documentary ...

  • Space Anomaly or Space Force

    Captured footage of anomaly object passing by Dragon Capsuel Space X launch Dec 2018 taking supplies to the ISS.
    A Triangular object was spotted in the background and was approx 25m in width, clearly lit one side as it passes the capsuel and the other half seems to be darkened out with clear fl...

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