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The Man That Lives Off of Sunlight

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1987 Encyclopedia And The 9th Planet

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  • The Man That Lives Off of Sunlight

    Prahlad Jani, also known as Mataji or Chunriwala Mataji, is an Indian breatharian monk who claims to have lived without food and water for 70 years! He says that the goddess Amba sustains him. The Indian Yogi was tested twice in strictly controlled experiments by the Indian Ministery of Defence g...

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    Official "Deep Space" Music Video By Donny Arcade

    hook 1
    Space real estate been booming back in the day we were already in the future, imagine where we at now ..yeah we zooming
    flying threw the deep space hey what you doing?
    hey what you doing? hey what you doing?
    flying threw the deep space...

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    Everything You Know Is Wrong is the product of years of research into human origins, spanning everything from the oldest known recorded histories of the world .