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  • Easter Island is Far More Mysterious Than We First Thought...

    Scholars, Geologists and Archaeologists have spent many years
    attempting to crack the many mysteries surround Easter Island and its original
    ts. Apart from a strange
    and somewhat unknown language, there are many huge stone artifacts. But putting
    all this aside, there are strange and unusu...

  • Ancient Doorways To Other Realities used by ETs and Star Beings

    Throughout the world there are numerous ancient sites that are
    considered to be Stargates, Portals or Doorways to other re
    alities, maybe the land of
    the gods, where our ancient
    ancestors were able to pass through and communicate with high beings. However,
    are these stories just legend and myth? ...

  • Antarctic's Anomalies, Secret Bases And Operation High Jump

    The naval component of Operation Highjump was known as Task Force
    68 and comprised 4700 military personnel, one aircraft carrier (the USS Philippin
    Sea among
    the largest of all carriers of the time), and number of naval support ships and aircraft.
    The Naval expedition was headed by famed polar ...

  • Life on Mars: Alien Evidence and Human Colonization

    Could the planet Mars be humanity's next exclusive travel destination? You'll only need a warm jacket... and a billion dollars!

    For the rest of us common folk, however, we have too go to whistleblowers, channeling from odd interdimensional beings and blurry photographs from the 80s!

    We also in...

  • Billy Carson With Author and Antropologist Michael Tellinger

    Billy Carson Talk in dept with Michael Tellinger.
    Adams Calender - Torus Stone - What to come.

  • From Adoption To Addiction - Model/actress Elisabeth’s Journey To Wholeness

    How Elisabeth, The President of Experience of Inception, went from being adopted to a life of addiction. She overcame it all through her 14-year journey with Inception and awareness. From a young age, Elisabeth graced the media landscape as a model and actress on nationally syndicated television ...

  • Teotihuacán’s Lost Kings

    Two thousand years ago, Teotihuacán was one of the largest cities in the world, a thriving metropolis not far from what is today Mexico City. But just a few hundred years later, it was completely abandoned, its former citizens long gone, leaving little trace of their culture. Despite many decade...

  • Metaphysical Ash

    4 videos

    Metaphysical Ash Exploring the Matrix with various guests

  • CEO Founder of First Mental Health Gym Journey from Anxiety & Depression

    How the Founder/CEO of Inception - the first mental health gym went from severe anxiety and depression to building a world-wide popular brand. His story starts from childhood growing up on 8 mile on the east side of Detroit with a great childhood and good supportive family. Even after a beautiful...

  • Bill Donahue

    22 videos

    A small collection of Bill Donahues lectures
    Bill Donahue
    Visit the web site to review Bills written work
    The Play List has Bills videos sorted by category
    Bills e mail is [email protected]

  • Secrets Of The Pyramids Revealed

    Billy Carson and Robert Grant delve deep into the secret mysteries of the pyramids. Never before taught encoded knowledge will be revealed! Have you ever wanted to know the secrets of the global pyramids? Have you ever wondered what their purpose was? Are you tired of the mainstream explanation? ...

  • Billy Carson & Dr. Tara Swart -Live Stream- Spirituality Backed By Neuroscience

    Link to event:

    About this Event
    Topics covered: Neuroplasticity, Reprogramming DNA, Mindfulness, Developing Empathic Abilities, The Power of Meditation, Neuro-psychology, Quantum...

  • Stay In Shape at Home - 7 Effective Exercises With Mike Rashid

    **** Let me train your!!******

    The Fountain of Youth:

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  • Real Estate - Get In The Game - Toccara Williams & Carla Harris

    Toccara Williams, The Basketball Real Estate Mogul and Carla Harris, Your Coaching Realtor will be hosting a weekly podcast called Real Estate: Get In The Game!

    Toccara Williams who is a former WNBA basketball player and Carla Harris is an all time winning head coach for girls basketball at the...

  • King Simon With Billy Carson - Woke Doesn't Mean Broke - And More

    Instagra, @kingsimonproductions

    "WOKE DOESN'T MEAN BROKE" and More with
    Billy Carson from @4biddenknowledge

  • Billy Carson and Dr. Tara Swart unlock the science behind spirituality.

    Link to Event:

    Topics covered: Neuroplasticity, Reprogramming DNA, Mindfulness, Developing Empathic Abilities, The P...

  • Tsunamis - Pole Shift Events - Ancient Disasters of the Past and Future

    Seismic readings over the last several months have shown a dramatic increase in earthquake swarms across the plate boundaries of the Earth, signaling a major event will occur in 2018. After a series of devastating earthquakes hit Mexico and Iran killing hundreds of people, and volcanoes all acros...

  • Canadian Frontline Nurses (CFLN) PROTEST AT College of Nurses of Ontario TORONTO

    Kristen Marie and Sarah Choujounian, cofounders of CFLN, held the world's first protest today against a professional healthcare body, the College of Nurses of Ontario.
    They were joined by 2 other registered nurses, members of Police on Guard for Thee, including ex-OPP Vincent Gircys, Pastor Mike ...

  • Leo - Breaking Free & And Finding True Alignment

    For personal readings contact Angelee by email: [email protected] or DM on Instagram: @_consciouslee

  • Billy Carson With Dr. Steven Greer

    20th Anniversary of the Historic Disclosure Project National Press Club Event.
    Webinar with Dr. Greer and others with astounding new evidence and its implications.
    April 25, 2021 – 1pm – 6 pm pacific time
    Click HERE to find out more and sign up!

  • Analise D’Ambrosio - Free - ( Official Video )

    Analise - Free - ( Official Video )



    Directed by King Looi
    Produced by Yung Talents Label

    Contact -Booking/Management :
    [email protected]

  • Analise D’Ambrosio

    9 videos

    Analise is a Bay Area singer/songwriter born and raised in San Francisco, California. She joined the San Francisco Girls Chorus at age 7 and graduated as a vocal major at San Francisco School of the Arts. The classical training that she received from both schools and the focus on her strength in ...

  • Ashley Murray - Free Car Winner

    Ashley Murray Subscribed for free to and won the free car.
    Watch Ashley getting VIP transport from Fort Lauderdale Airport to CEO Billy Carsons private home and have the Keys and car handle over.
    You Could be the next winner.

  • Billy Carson interviews David McCullar at Inception.

    We are inner seekers continuing our journey of self-discovery, deeper levels of peace and optimal body functioning. Our belief is that everyone has a life story that involves physical and psychological injuries and are seeking relief from those injuries.

    Our story began in 2006 when David McCull...