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  • Pick a Flower - Tarot Cards Reading - Mid Year check in

  • Decoders of Truth Ep 4 - Who Is Really Running The World Part 2

    Decoders of Truth w Billy Carson, Matthew LaCroix, Rex Bear & Jay Campell

  • Lesser Known, Yet Very Significant UFO Crashes You May Never Heard Of

    Everyone has heard of the Roswell Incident; but that’s not the only example of a flying saucer allegedly crashing to Earth. Here, we examine three lesser-known UFO crashes from around the world, which strongly support the remarkable notion that the powers-that-be are in possession of craft and bo...

  • This UFO Encounter Ruined His Life… The Falcon Lake UFO Incident

    The shocking case of a man whose VERY close encounter with a landed-UFO left him hospitalised with burns and radiation sickness. His case was investigated by the government and is supported by remarkable physical evidence. What happened at Canada’s Falcon Lake that day in 1967? This may just be t...

  • “Sharon” - The Aliens that Abducted Her Told Her They Built the Pyramids

    An astonishing, little-known case of alien abduction in which the experiencer describes being inside huge rooms inside vast spaceships containing many other alien abductees. Remarkably, in this case, the alien abductors told their captor that it was THEY who had built the pyramids of Giza, as wel...

  • a Close Encounter with ‘Grasshopper’ Aliens on a lonely Road in the Yukon

    “Kevin” was on a hunting trip near the Ross River in the Yukon region of Canada. During this three-day vacation in the wilderness, while staying in a friend’s isolated trailer, he began to feel as if he were being watched. Soon enough, he would encounter a UFO and its occupants – insectoid entiti...

  • Decoders of Truth Ep 3 - Who Is Really Running The World !

    Decoders of Truth w Billy Carson, Matthew LaCroix, Rex Bear & Jay Campell

  • Matt Lacroix Lost & Tanner Chaney - civilizations and Hidden History

    Could our history be far older and more complex than we’re told? And is there evidence that points towards the existence of lost civilizations that disappeared more than 12,000 years ago? From reviewing ancient records, megalithic ruins, and pyramids around the world, this presentation aims to re...

  • FREE TOP 50 Anomalies On Mars Workshop by Billy Carson

    Billy Carson will take you on an amazing journey through our solar system to explore the most amazing remnants of ancient civilizations never before seen! Learn the true origins of mankind and our progenitors. Unlock deep truths that have been hidden for millennia. Take a private journey to Mars ...

  • Anunnaki Gods, Consciousness & The Holographic Universe

    Join Paul Wallis & Billy Carson in this revealing interview! 🔵Thanks to Our Sponsor: Surf Shark VPN: Go to 👉 Enter promo code 5thkind for 83% off and 3 extra months free! 🔵 5th Kind Website 🔵Billy Carson YouTube Channel -

  • Decoders of The Truth

    1 season

  • Decoders of Truth Ep2 The Matrix of Reality

  • Decoders of Truth Ep 1 Triptych Codes

    The world is filled with symbols but why do they always seem to end up in 3's. Why do we have the reference of the trinity in different religions, storytelling and in building designs? What is the ancient world trying to communicate with us when it comes to the sacred number of 3 and why is it i...

  • Erich von Daniken - Extraterrestrial Gods of Ancient Antiquity

    Erich von Daniken examines the evidence in support of ancient extraterrestrial gods visiting our planet. The stories and text are world wide and they all talk of a time when the gods arrived from the heavens and brought great knowledge with them. Erich shows the many clues left behind in ancient ...

  • Decoders of Thruth - New Series on 4BK.TV

    Coming soon on

  • Chariots of the gods (1970)

    Chariots of The Gods 1970
    Based on the novel Chariots of The Gods and return to the stars by Eric Von Daniken.

  • Fade To Black Ep 1625 - Stephen Bassett UFO Hearing

    Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Stephen Bassett of The Paradigm Research Group joins us for Night One of our UFO Hearing Week!

    Stephen is the executive director of Paradigm Research Group founded in 1996 to end a government imposed embargo on the truth behind the so called "UFO" phenomenon. St...

  • Bringing Down The Light

    Brining Down The Light
    A film Documentary by Chris Turner and Paul Sinclair

  • Billy Carson Stellar Citizens Award Winner 2022 - Awakening EXPO Blackpool UK

    Billy Carson Stellar Citizens Award Winner 2022 - Awakening EXPO Blackpool UK

  • Mysteries Of The Gods

    1 season

    Our Milky Way galaxy contains tens of billions of potentially habitable planets, but we have no idea whether we’re alone. For now Earth is the only world known to harbor life, and among all the living things on our planet we assume Homo sapiens is the only species ever to have developed advanced ...

  • Could Morocco be the True Location of Atlantis?...

    WAS ATLANTIS IN MOROCCO? - London-based writer and TV presenter of historical mysteries Andrew Gough have searched for Atlantis far and wide. He has studied Plato and travelled to the Egyptian village of Sais, where the legend of Atlantis was first recounted to the Greek law-giver, Solon. His que...

  • FREE Top 20 Inventions By Black People Workshop

    Most people have heard about famous inventions like the light bulb, the cotton gin and the iPhone. But there are countless other, often overlooked inventions that make our daily lives easier. Among the creative innovators behind these devices are African American inventors. From the traffic light...


    The Black Knight Satellite evidence that has never been seen and interviews from key credible sources. Anomaly analysis from digital imaging experts and more. A documentary by Billy Carson.




  • The Big Picture

    3 seasons

    Join investigative researchers Steve Mera and Robbie Graham as they delve into the subjects of
    Conjuring UFOs, Alien Abduction, Poltergeist Infestations, Magick, Ancient Mysteries, Alien Implants,
    UFO Metamaterial, The Paranormal, Strange Cryptids, Monatomic Gold, Space Mysteries, Time
    Travel, UA...