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  • Secrets of the Sumerian Shar Revealed by Billy Carson

  • Anunnaki_ Ancient Secrets Revealed by Billy Carson

  • Did St Patrick Commit Genocide Against Two Races

    Did St Patrick Commit Genocide Against Two Races

  • The 2Pac Code by Billy Carson and King Simon

    "The 2Pac Code" by Billy Carson and King Simon is a fascinating exploration of the intersection between numerology and the iconic legacy of Tupac Shakur. Through the lens of numerology, Carson and Simon unravel the intricate numerical patterns and significance hidden within Tupac's life, music, a...

  • The Great Pyramid & the Tesla Connection w/ Christopher Dunn & Billy Carson

  • BIOHACK - Subconscious Alignment w/ Doctah B Sirius & Mr & Mrs Carson.

    Doctah B Sirius

    Elevation Foundation For Abundant Life LLC, DBA Elevation Wellness Boutique and is a private membership wholistic wellness organization. We are committed to sharing insights into health, wellness, and wholeness. We are dedicated to...

  • Plato's Secrets of Atlantis Revealed by Billy Carson and Matthew LaCroix

  • 4biddenknowledge Inc. Welcomes Distinguished Board Members to the team...

    Press Release:

  • Project Doorway

    1 season

    Project Doorway Advanced Studies of High Strangeness and Rach-land Phenomena: In this fascinating series Steve Mera reveals the advanced studies of Project Doorway, a 6-year study looking at the UFO Phenomena and its realistic association with the Paranormal, Cryptids and much more.

  • Did the Elites Suppress Antigravity Technology A Rant by Billy Carson

    Did the Elites Suppress Antigravity Technology? A Rant by Billy Carson
    Invest with 4biddenknowledge Inc:

    4bidden Tour Of Egypt:

    4bidden Tour Of Turkey:

    The Epic ...

  • Valentines Day Special - Our Most Beautiful Moments. - The Wedding Day

  • The Best Day of our Lives: The Carson's Union in Bora Bora

  • The Remarkable Journey of Billy & Elisabeth: Love Unveiled

    Curious about how Mr. & Mrs. Carson spend their New Year's Eve? Wonder no more! Join us for an exclusive look into the dazzling New Year's celebration hosted at the renowned 4Bidden Castle.
    From familiar faces to new friends, this soirée promises a night filled with joy, laughter, and unforgetta...

  • Exposing the Shadows Corporate and Exploitation of the Congo w/ Chakabars

    Exposing the Shadows Corporate and Exploitation of the Congo by Billy Carson and Chakabars

  • Forbidden Files

    7 seasons

    Dive into this cinematic series where the narrator investigates myths, legends and real case files with a curious mind and a serious tone. What could be happening beyond the conventional world they don't want you to question ? We cover everything from paranormal to aliens, Time travel, and unso...


    1 season

    Journey with Brien Foerster in this captivating series as we delve into the mysteries of ancient civilizations. From Baalbek's colossal stones to the enigmatic Paracas skulls, from evidence of an ancient cataclysm to the secrets of Easter Island and the magnetic anomalies of Machu Picchu, we expl...


    1 season

    "Awaken the 6th Sense" is a transformative talk show featuring world-renowned experts
    who will teach the secrets of unlocking psychic powers and spiritual gifts. Explore at
    home with practical easy-to-follow exercises on astral projection, remote viewing,
    energy healing, and more to unleash your ...

  • Ancient Secret Discoveries

    1 season

    Join Jim Vieira, an internationally renowned writer and metaphysical researcher, as he embarks on a captivating journey through the mysteries of the past in this engaging series of presentations. Delve into the depths of history as Jim Vieira explores intriguing topics such as 'From Lemuria to At...

  • Megalithic-Mysteries

    1 season

    Embark on a thrilling journey with world explorer and renowned researcher Hugh Newman in the Zohar Original Series, 'MEGALITHIC MYSTERIES.' Join Hugh as he delves into enigmatic topics, from ancient giants to the secrets of megaliths in South America, the lost civilization of the Olmecs, and the ...


    1 season


    Explore Russia's hidden wonders with Paul Stonehill: ancient temples on the Anabar Plateau, a 2000-year-old smartphone in Siberia, an Arctic sea anomaly, Vlasovka Labyrinth legends, Vatican archives' ancient alien clues, Soviet M.I.B., time travel experiments, underwater UFO e...

  • Secrets of Antarctica

    1 season

    Embark on an enigmatic expedition to the secretive realm of Antarctica, as host Brad
    Olsen uncovers its mysteries, from hidden history, Nazi bases and ancient civilizations
    to suppressed information and UFO encounters. Prepare to venture into the unknown,
    where curiosity leads to extraordinary di...