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Highgate Vampire


Up Next in The Big Picture - Season 3

  • Inner Earth

    Steve and Robbie interview researcher and presenter Andrew Gough about the hypothesis of an inner Earth. Is there enough evidence to support thousands of claims from all around the world that date back hundreds of years? Andrew provides some of the strangest accounts that have ever been document...

  • Occult London

    Steve and Robbie, along with special guest Andrew Gough explores the evidence of occult practices throughout London in the UK. It would seem that London has always been a city shrouded in mystery. What many people might not know is that a whole part of the city is hidden: an occult underworld pop...

  • Cannock Chase

    Both Steve and Robbie are both aware that Its not just werewolves that are said to be stalking the trees and cemeteries of Cannock Chase in the UK. The area seems to be a some kind of portal to the bizarre and a magnet for the unexplained. In addition to the Cannock Chase werewolf rumors, researc...