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The Labyrinth of Time

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Up Next in The Big Picture - Season 2

  • The Infinite Midfield (TIM)

    : In this episode Steve and Robbie talk with researcher and author Anthony Peake about the true nature of the external world that we seem to exist within. Anthony presents powerful scientific evidence that the brain is a receiver of information, and from that information it “renders” a sensual re...

  • Opening the Doors of Perception

    The Infinite Midfield presented a model of the universe whereby the Eidolon is passive and can only access the wider reality through entheogens. The book 'Opening The Doors of Perception' presents evidence that the “Doors of Perception” can be opened without the facilitation of entheogens. Steve ...

  • The Hidden Universe

    If the model presented thus far is correct, what is the status of non-human intelligences? Steve and Robbie discuss with researcher and bestselling author Anthony Peake, that for centuries people have reported encounters with beings such as gods, angels, demons, fairies, aliens etc etc. Are they ...