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Up Next in The Big Picture - Season 2

  • Out Of Body Experience

    Steve and Robbie take a close look into the strange phenomenon of Out of Body Experiencers, Astral Project and Remote Viewing with researcher and author Anthony Peake, who has presented evidence that in some way demonstrates that all “reality” is facilitated by consciousness. In this episode Anth...

  • The Labyrinth of Time

    Steve and Robbie examine the book 'The Labyrinth of Time' by researcher Anthony Peake. If the 'Cheating the Ferryman' hypothesis has validity, Anthony will need to present concrete proof that time is not only fluid, but that it also can re-occur. This episode gives a background whereby the Daemo...

  • The Infinite Midfield (TIM)

    : In this episode Steve and Robbie talk with researcher and author Anthony Peake about the true nature of the external world that we seem to exist within. Anthony presents powerful scientific evidence that the brain is a receiver of information, and from that information it “renders” a sensual re...