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Up Next in The Big Picture - Season 1

  • Cryptids

    Steve and Robbie examine several reported sightings of Bigfoot and other strange cryptids from around the world which include the UK, where many researchers believe that such a beast could never go undetected. Are there metaphysical and paranormal attributes to this phenomenon, and if so, what ex...

  • Conjuring UFOs

    Steve and Robbie delve into the world of the paranormal, Magick and the ability to conjure UFOs. Can Tulpa's really exist, brought into our world through spiritual or mental powers? If so, then the concept of conjuring UFOs doesn't sound so farfetched. Since the days of seances and mediumistic si...

  • Time Travel

    Steve and Robbie delve into the concept of time travel and examine a number of theories, one being the 'extratempestrial model'. Could UFO occupants being travelling back, from their distant future to engage humanity? Does the UFO phenomenon represent some kind of metaphysical properties allowing...