The Big Picture

The Big Picture

3 Seasons

Join investigative researchers Steve Mera and Robbie Graham as they delve into the subjects of
Conjuring UFOs, Alien Abduction, Poltergeist Infestations, Magick, Ancient Mysteries, Alien Implants,
UFO Metamaterial, The Paranormal, Strange Cryptids, Monatomic Gold, Space Mysteries, Time
Travel, UAP, Advanced Studies of Aerial Phenomena
Project Doorway and much more.
The Big Picture podcast is like no other as it explores each subject in depth, bringing to the table the latest scientific findings, visual evidence and input from numerous academics, specialists,
eyewitnesses and testimonies in an attempt to better understand numerous phenomena. The Big Picture delivers information on a 'say it as it is
' principle and doesn't hold back its punches.
This show is designed to address some of the most perplexing phenomena in an attempt to advance
studies. No longer can we remain static, it's now time to ask the important questions and not shy away from the answers

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The Big Picture
  • Alien Abduction

    Episode 1

    Steve and Robbie take an analytical approach to the subject of Alien Abduction and identifies how this phenomenon can alter
    the perception of the experiencers and also demonstrate
    an undertone of deception in an effort to carry out an agenda. Featuring special guest and eye witness Debra Jordan -...

  • Solar System Mysteries

    Episode 2

    Steve and Robbie explore the data in regard to the possibility of life on other planets within our solar system as well as secret NASA projects and much more.
    Has planet Earth really been visited by human looking extraterrestrials, and if so, what evidence is there?
    Steve and Robbie also look i...

  • Poltergeists and the Paranormal

    Episode 3

    Steve and Robbie re-evaluate the current understanding of paranormal phenomena, especially those incidents that are referred to as Poltergeist Infestations. Does this profound and sometimes destructive phenomenon operate by a set of rules which can be identified within the advanced study of paran...

  • UFO Vs UAP

    Episode 4

    Steve and Robbie dive headfirst into the complexities of government information pertaining to the Pentagon's secret UFO program known as AATIP as well as the involvement of 'To The Stars Academy'. Can we really trust what we are being told and do these UAP filmed by Navy pilots really constitute ...

  • Cryptids

    Episode 5

    Steve and Robbie examine several reported sightings of Bigfoot and other strange cryptids from around the world which include the UK, where many researchers believe that such a beast could never go undetected. Are there metaphysical and paranormal attributes to this phenomenon, and if so, what ex...

  • Conjuring UFOs

    Episode 6

    Steve and Robbie delve into the world of the paranormal, Magick and the ability to conjure UFOs. Can Tulpa's really exist, brought into our world through spiritual or mental powers? If so, then the concept of conjuring UFOs doesn't sound so farfetched. Since the days of seances and mediumistic si...

  • Time Travel

    Episode 7

    Steve and Robbie delve into the concept of time travel and examine a number of theories, one being the 'extratempestrial model'. Could UFO occupants being travelling back, from their distant future to engage humanity? Does the UFO phenomenon represent some kind of metaphysical properties allowing...

  • Alien Implants

    Episode 8

    Steve and Robbie look at the current evidence of Alien Implants and examine the reported findings through scientific analysis of some of these strange small objects that seemingly have been placed within the body's of Abductees and have the capability to evade the body's natural biological defens...

  • Monatomic Gold and Metamaterials

    Episode 9

    Steve and Robbie jump back in time to debate the many strange stories surrounding ancient alchemy and the production and use of monatomic powder as well as possible connections with the discovery of UFO metamaterials. Could there be also a link between the strange and mysterious powers of biblica...

  • Project Doorway

    Episode 10

    Steve and Robbie examine and discuss the findings of a specialized investigation into the advanced studies of aerial phenomena known as Project Doorway. Is the subject of UFOs (or more currently known as UAP) a phenomenon that has been interacting with humankind since the beginning of time and ar...