Sirius Vibes Podcast

Sirius Vibes Podcast

9 Episodes

Join Doctah B on a captivating podcast journey as he engages in transformative
conversations with several guests. Explore music, humanity, quantum realms, personal
growth, the power of bass, cosmic language, Afrobeat, community, creativity, cultural
renaissance, and more. Discover the secrets of success, happiness, and joy while
enjoying inspiring in-studio jam sessions along the way.

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Sirius Vibes Podcast
  • SIRIUS VIBES Ep 8 - Doctah B Sirius and TRACY KENDRICK

    Episode 8

    Doctah B Sirius engages with platinum music producer Tracy Kendrick. They discuss the music business, collaboration, audience growth, and the history of West Coast hip-hop. Topics include Total Track Productions, independent work, distribution, dance club influence, DJ importance, innovation in m...

  • SIRIUS VIBES Ep 7 Doctah B Sirius and Greg Curtis, Sr:

    Episode 7

    Doctah B Sirius and musician Greg Curtis, Sr. explore the influence of tones, creative processes, success's impact on identity, and spirituality in music. They discuss intention, production dynamics, music's healing aspects, and the role of the black church's music tradition. The conversation als...

  • SIRIUS VIBES Ep 5 - Doctah B Sirius and NORBERT HEUSER

    Episode 5

    Doctah B Sirius talks with Norbert Heuser, CEO of IPC USA, about music's healing power, quantum physics, electromagnetic radiation's effects on health, self-healing, creativity, and the evolving music industry.

    Norbert Heuser
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  • SIRIUS VIBES Ep 6 - Doctah B Sirius and OMARION

    Doctah B Sirius chats with artist Omarion about his musical journey, solo career, creative ownership, and embracing authenticity. They discuss topics such as performance magic, overcoming fear, navigating influences, meditation, and quantum physics.
    The conversation also touches on toxicity, rea...

  • SIRIUS VIBES Ep1 - Doctah B Sirius and Blackmagik363 Richard Merritt

    Episode 1

    Doctah B and Brother Rich discuss music, humanity, quantum realms, and personal growth. Get inspired to curate your life, tap into the unknown, and follow your intuition. Experience the transformative power of music and discover the formula for success. Register for BLUEPRINT FOR GODPOWER PART 2!...

  • SIRIUS VIBES Ep. 2 - Doctah B Sirius and Joel Powell

    Episode 2

    Doctah B and Joel Powell discuss the power of bass, cosmic language, self-discovery,
    duality, and personal growth. Explore high vibrations, daily routines, and taking chances. Uncover the secrets of happiness versus joy. Get ready for an in-studio jam session too!

  • SIRIUS VIBES Ep. 3 - Doctah B Sirius and Mausiki Scales

    Episode 3

    Doctah B and Mausiki Scales explore Afrobeat, community, creativity, and cultural renaissance.

    Dive into African music traditions, the roots of Afrobeat, and the history of Black creativity.

    Discover the power of rituals, writing a new story, and embracing the
    rhythm of life. Plus, enjoy an a...

  • SIRIUS VIBES Ep. 4 - Doctah B Sirius and Jason Orr

    Episode 4

    Doctah B and Jason Orr discuss cultural renaissance, holistic health, Black music
    innovation, creativity, and finding joy in life. Explore the power of collaboration,
    imagination, and gratitude. Plus, dive into the transformative nature of music and the importance of oneness

    Doctah B's website: ...