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Secrets of Antarctica

Secrets of Antarctica - Ep 5: Operation High Jump


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    In this episode, uncover the Nazi presence in Antarctica, their secret base in New
    Schwabia, and the transfer of knowledge and technology. Brian explores the historic
    involvement of extra-terrestrial forces and the formation of alliances with inner-terrestrial
    races, leading to the Fourth Reich a...

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    In this episode, Brad explores the hidden purpose of the Falklands War and the significance of South Thule Island. Discover the mysterious sentient “Black Goo” substance found in the South Thule Islands, and the modern day weaponization of it.

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    In this episode, uncover military and government advanced technology and the UAP phenomenon, as well as the remnants of ancient civilizations. Brad will dive into the visits of high-profile individuals to Antarctica and the alleged existence of a buried