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Did Mount Sinai Actually Exist

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  • Did Mount Sinai Actually Exist

    The location of Mount Sanai remains to be somewhat of a secret. It location could be one of a handful of places. Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc. Though the Bible mentions Sania there are also references to Mount Horeb. Some would have you believe these two location is the same place, just as Googl...

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    The Greatest Egyptian Cover-Up... (What Is It They Are Hiding from The
    It would seem that there have been many strange discoveries
    throughout Egypt and they continue to this very day. Some involve the discovery of great underground complexes, mysterious passage ways and tunnels, even hidd...

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    Searl Effect Technology effectively utilizes quantum kinetic energy which involves the electron’s inherent ability to absorb and emit energy at the quantum level with an energy cycle that can could compared and explained in layman terms to the hydroelectric dam in principle since both are driven ...