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Anunnaki Gods & Goddesses - Inanna A Goddess That Time Forgot.

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  • Ireland As Atlantis

    Ulf Erlingsson, from Uppsala University in Sweden claims that Atlantis, first described by the Greek philosopher Plato as sinking under a tidal wave 12,000 years ago, was actually Ireland. Erlingsson claims Plato's descriptions of Atlantis match Ireland exactly. Just like Atlantis, Ireland is 300...

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    What If...
    We had full disclosure on life in the Universe tomorrow ?
    With Billy Carson and Ken Johnston

    How would you react ?

    What questions would you ask ?

    How would the public react ? What would they demand an answer to ?

    What would the government not want to answer

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  • They Shut Down Our Defenses

    It would seem, through obtaining government records
    whistleblowers coming forward that there have been many accounts of UFO
    incursions over military
    bases, some of which are high security facilities. Such incursions have resulted in
    shutting down missiles, causing them to go offline. On occa...