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Area 51 Groom Lake mysterious UFO Secret Bases


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  • Manitoba Top the List of UFO Sighting...

    We definitely want to share this video from CTV Winnipeg News.

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  • Navy takes UFO reports seriously. Upd...

    2019 May - THE US Navy release new guidelines for UFO reporting to be taken seriously, for further investigation, releasing 25 Million US Dollars into investigating reported sightings from US Military personel who report such Aerial Phenomena. Reported by Fox News.
    Coastguard sighting of unknow...

  • UFO's Captured in Fleet - Filmed by N...

    The STS mission 48 is famous for its "UFO gets shot at and change direction" But the downlink video reveals much more than just that famous incident.
    Have a closer look at some of all those Unidentified Flying Objects caught on the camera on board Space Shuttle Discovery in September 1991.