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Ancient Ruins and infrastructure seen and photographed from Mars Reconnaissence Orbiter..


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    Once again we take you through a Gigapan on the Martian surface.
    This time its from Curiosity's 1448th day on Mars.
    Are we looking at natural shaped rocks or are we looking at carved rocks !

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    What could we be looking at here on the Lunar surface, image provided by NASAs Lunar Reconnaissence Orbiter Camera.
    Could we be looking at a Lunar Base nearby a Moon henge and what looks like a pyramid connected to the near location, with several tracks and strange anomalies with one anomaly in p...

  • Mars Anomalies That Need Explaining. ...

    On todays Gigapan tour we are on MSL 2620 and looking at what looks like stairs carved onto a rock and could it be an artificial construction in the background ?

    Please have a look at the Gigapan for yourself to decide what you see.