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Mars Moon Space Tv is a channel dedicated to assist in finding and sharing information and finds of phenomena from accross the Universe and Globe.

Founder Thomas Mikey Jensen
Researcher UFAH - Documentary Film maker - Researcher Anunnaki History - Presenter of Mars Moon Space Tv alongside Co Founder and Co-host Dollie Indigo Jensen.

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Mars Moon Space TV
  • The Black Knight Satellite - The Untold Story

    The Black Knight Satellite The Untold Story will soon be available ONLY on

  • Mars 2021 - The Perseverance Rover's Descent to Mars - Onboard Camera Views

    February 22, 2021
    NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance mission captured thrilling footage of its rover landing in Mars' Jezero Crater on Feb. 18, 2021. The real footage in this video was captured by several cameras that are part of the rover's entry, descent, and landing suite. The views include a came...

  • Space Anomaly or Space Force

    Captured footage of anomaly object passing by Dragon Capsuel Space X launch Dec 2018 taking supplies to the ISS.
    A Triangular object was spotted in the background and was approx 25m in width, clearly lit one side as it passes the capsuel and the other half seems to be darkened out with clear fl...

  • Atlantis Uncovered 2021 Dollie IndigoStar #RAW TALK with Michael Donnellan -

    Film Producer, Director, Archeologist and World Traveller takes time out from his home in Southern Spain located exclusively within Andalusia Donana National Park. Michael shares his findings with me Dollie, that are connected to the ongoing disclosure of Atlantis. We take a closer look at his ...

  • Raw Talk Session on Ascension with Tracey Ash from Complex in Egypt Abusir

    In this Raw talk session at 4BKTV studio we talk with Tracey Ash who has founded the Ascension Univeristy in Egypt where she lives on site in Abusir.
    Tracey works with Ascension Avatars of the Earth Gathering and Centre of Ascension, Egypt.
    She has been researched by The Emoto Foundation and PSI ...

  • Global Enlightenment Radio Interview with Anunnaki History Dollie IndigoStar

    Join Penny Bradley from Global Enlightenment Radio Network in this Interview with Dollie Eanna IndigoStar from
    PA to CEO Billy Carson #4BKTV #4biddenknowledge
    - Anunnaki History / - #4BKTV

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  • SpaceLink Tv News - UFO's Filmed In Space & "The Dome" On Mars

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    Link to David Gannett on Facebook:
    Link to David Gannett on YouTube:

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  • The Baltic Sea Anomaly, Interview with Mars Moon Space TVs Thomas Mikey Jensen

    Massive thank you to Thomas from Mars Moon Space TV for coming on the channel, Check out the Links we spoke about in the video below.

    Mars Moon Space TV channel
    Baltic Sea Anomaly Part 1 and 2 on 4biddenKnowledge TV links below

  • Aliens Will Not Leave Me Alone Interview with Dollie Indigostar by Alien Addict

    Great Interview by #Alienaddict
    Dollie Indigostar of Mars Moon Space Tv / 4Btube /
    Amazing interview discussing alien presence among us and experiences that are lifechanging.
    A must see.

  • Space X Anomaly caught on Camera. Space X Launch Falcon 9

    Did we just see a UFO fly by underneath the Falcon 9 on its return to Earth. ?
    Are planes allowed in the decent flight path ?
    What could we be looking at !

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  • Unidentified Flying Objects Captured on Camera in Space

    A little compilation of some of the best recordings of Unidentified Flying Objects caugth on camera in space.

  • The Best Ever Anomalies Found On Mars.

    The satellite image is from August 2000, and still to this day showing the 3 best photographic evidence of artificial constructed objects on the Martian surface.
    The Jupiter 2 UFO. The Mining facility. The entrance to inner Mars..

  • STS ISS Space Anomalies Captured by NASA

    We have gathered some of the many videos of anomalies in space captured by NASA from the various STS missions and ISS footage available to the public in their archives.

    On one video the feed is cut LIVE from NASA and in another it is visable that multiple moving UAP Unidentifies Aerial Phenomen...

  • Unidentified Aerial Phenomenom Update May 2019

    Collaboration of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) taken from across social media network updated weekly.
    USG footage News broadcast and social media network sharing alongside disclosure of UAP.

    Links to the source are all listed at:
    Please leave your ...

  • The Dome On Mars By David Gannett.

    MMS TV presents David Gannett presenting his find at the 6th annual MARS conference 2017.
    The Dome On Mars.

  • Mars Anomalies That Need Explaining.

    We are looking at the Martian surface via the cameras on Curiosity Rover for anomalies on the Gigapans from the red Planet.
    Please leave a comment below.

    Here is the link to the gigapan:

  • The Best Of Mars. Buildings, Ruins, UFO's, Life on Mars

    Here is a collection of some of the absolute best NASA images from the Martian surface...
    All source are added to the pictures.
    Please share if you like what you see.
    Just watch... No more writing is needed here.

  • Ancient Ruins and infrastructure seen and photographed from Mars Reconnaissence Orbiter..

  • Amazing Mars.. Possible decayed mechanical construction on Mars.

  • Ancient Mars Anomalies Captured By Curiosity Rover Reveal Square Blocks !

    Once again we take you through a Gigapan on the Martian surface.
    This time its from Curiosity's 1448th day on Mars.
    Are we looking at natural shaped rocks or are we looking at carved rocks !

  • Lunar Base _! Did NASA Purposely Leave Lunar Base Uncovered

    What could we be looking at here on the Lunar surface, image provided by NASAs Lunar Reconnaissence Orbiter Camera.
    Could we be looking at a Lunar Base nearby a Moon henge and what looks like a pyramid connected to the near location, with several tracks and strange anomalies with one anomaly in p...

  • Martian Constructions Seen From Satellite Orbiting The Planet

    Life on Mars ? Or past life on Mars ?
    This picture was released by NASA November 17 2017, and what can be seen on it can probably be discussed by many people with different point of views.

    To us (MMS TV) that found this anomaly December 21 2017, it looks like constructions or foundations of...

  • Strange Mars Anomalies That Need Explaining. -The Pyramid-

    On todays tour around the Martian surface in our search for anomalies, we found a Curiosity Image from SOL 1436 that for sure has anomalies that need more explaining..

    Please leave your comment below and tell us what you think we could be looking at.

  • Amazing Huge Possible Construction Found On Mars..