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Billy Carson - Portal to Ascension Interviews - 2019

Interviews - Portal to Ascension 2019 - • 25m

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  • Travis Duncan | Portal to Ascension I...

    Travis ran for Mayor of the city of Austin Texas in 2018 and plans to run again in the next election. Find out why, and his ideas for how to change the world one city at a time.

  • Aaron Michael Pyne | Portal to Ascens...

    Kasey interviews Aaron, then Aaron takes Kasey through a healing process called Energetic Vitalization Healing.
    6:06 Healing Process begins
    23:30 Aaron tries to bring Kasey back but she is so relaxed and enjoying it, she remains in her meditative state
    27:11 Kasey responds and Kasey and Aaron dis...

  • Alan Steinfeld | Portal to Ascension ...

    Alan has been investigating reality and making known the unknown in the field of consciousness for 20 years on his New Realities Show. Watch Alan's New Realities show on YouTube