Inner Wealth

Inner Wealth

Welcome to The Earn Your Leisure Podcast. Rashad Bilal and Educator Troy Millings will be your host. Earn Your Leisure will be giving you behind the scenes financial views into the entertainment and sports industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs.

We will also be breaking down business models and examining the latest trends in finance. Earn Your Leisure is a college business class mixed with pop culture. We blend the two together for a unique and exciting look into the world of business. Let’s go!! #earnyourleisurepodcast

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Inner Wealth
  • INNER WEALTH: Awaken from the trauma matrix with special guest Billy Carson

    Episode 5 of IINNER WEALTH, David and Elisabeth welcome their first guest Billy Carson AKA 4biddenknowledge. They talk about the similarities between the movie Matrix, and the trauma matrix that people get stuck in. There are tons of hidden gems in the movie that are broken all the way down in th...

  • Inception, helping the community heal with mental health automation.

    In this episode, David and Elisabeth dive deep into Inception, the first mental health gym. You'll learn about some of the foundational services, with a major focus on how David discovered floatation therapy and the true power of it.

    They also talk about how they've managed to systemize the ste...

  • CEO Founder of First Mental Health Gym Journey from Anxiety & Depression

    How the Founder/CEO of Inception - the first mental health gym went from severe anxiety and depression to building a world-wide popular brand. His story starts from childhood growing up on 8 mile on the east side of Detroit with a great childhood and good supportive family. Even after a beautiful...