Freedom Family

Freedom Family

Together as Matt Katt, Matt Maclean and Katrina Lilly channel and create healing through music. They allow the harmonies and melodies of divine masculine and feminine to flow through their voices, creating musical medicine and dynamic bliss. Their world music incorporates instruments, influences, and languages from all over the world.

Matt was born in Zimbabwe, raised in Zambia, and studied performing arts and sound engineering in South Africa. His professional music career began in the rock and roll scene, in Cape Town. Since going to America, Matt has become a Reiki Master and stepped into the field of sound healing and medicine music. Katt is from Naples, FL, United States and has been a singer for most of her life, mostly in church choir and theatre until she began awakening into medicine music. She was quickly immersed in the Bhakti Yoga/Kirtan community, then into ceremonial healing, guiding music for different shamanic practices, and released her first album called Gather the Tribe that features over 30 different musicians.

Now in union together after meeting in America, Matt & Katt create sacred sounds that open the hearts of all who are present, and are true catalysts for radical healing, showing us all that we are our own healers, teachers, gurus, etc… with our own essential gifts to share. It’s just about opening up to the infinite possibilities that love holds in all of our hearts and hands. These are the sounds of awakening.

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Freedom Family
  • Love Light Live Freedom Family

    Recorded live in the Banana Jungle @ The Ho’Oponopono Center 🌈🌞🌝

  • Love In A Distant Land - Matt & Katt Live @ Kava Culture

    Jamming live medicine music at Kava Culture in Bonita Springs, Florida.

  • Powerful Spirit - Live @ Maasdorp Market Harare

    Medicine Song Live


    Powerful Spirit come hear our prayers

    Powerful Spirit come hear us

    Powerful Spirit come heal our heart

    Powerful Spirit come heal us

    Powerful Spirit come heal my famil...

  • MattKatt live @ Kava Live Sessions - Hallelujah To The Most High

    MattKatt Live @ Kava Culture Bonita

    Live medicine music for the soul

  • Flow Live Version by Freedom Family

    Together we flow, we grow and we live.

  • I Am A River by MattKatt

    432hz Music by Freedom Family

  • ‘Hear to Heal’ Episode 1 - Lifestyle Medicine

    Our first episode of many in our NEW series, available ONLY to our sponsors. In this episode we discuss lifestyle medicine as a means of preventative health, incorporating spiritual practice, elemental wisdom, nutrition, and daily habits that effect our life on an ongoing basis. Thanks for tuning...

  • Freedom Family - Patreon Introduction Video

    So excited to announce the launch of our Patreon Page. We look forward to the co-creations together as one 🌍🙏🏻 Go check it out!

    (Song in background recorded by Rets Recordings, recorded live at a Vegan Goods Market in Cape Town) 🎵

  • Cura (Live) - Freedom Family Band

    Wake up! Live from Zambia, we are sharing musical medicine with our amazing supporters during a paramount time in global history. This is a time of great awakening, let’s do our best to lift each other up for divine healing. “Musica Cura, as in “The Music Heals” is our favorite way to do this. We...