Forbidden Knowledge News Con 2020 - 15 Speakers

Forbidden Knowledge News Con 2020 - 15 Speakers

*Jonny Enoch*
Secrets of the Sphinx

*Charlie Robinson*
The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire

*Brad Olsen*
Mysteries and Anomalies of Antarctica and South America

*JP Hague*
The Case & Evidence For The Ultraterrestrials and The Superspectrum

*Doug Valentine*
The CIA, a Criminal Organization

*Matthew Lacroix*
Reviewing a 200,000 Year timeline of History, Sophistication of Lost Civilizations, Disasters of the Younger Dryas, and Lost Civilizations

*Barry Littleton*
Contact Experiences, and How the Modalities Of Contact Don’t Conform to Mainstream Accounts

*Deep Prasad*
Implications of Increased UFO Sightings During a Pandemic

*James Keenan*
Mysterious Uinta Basin, Portals, and, Skinwalker Ranch

*Dean McMurray*
The Military Medium, Psychic Modalities, Live Psychic Readings

*Cory Hughes*
Looking back at the Assassination of JFK, New Profound Evidence and Revelations

Laura Eisenhower*

The Global Showdown of Forces, Ongoing Competing Agendas, and Protecting our Human Sovereignty

*Karen Holton*
The Intergalactic Resettlement Program, What is it? What to Expect and How to Prepare

*Billy Carson & Matthew Lacroix – Ancient civilizations, Secret Texts, Energy, Anunnaki- Archons, Nature of Reality, and Ancient civilizations on Mars and Earth

*Billy Carson*
How To Activate The Law Of Attraction, Quantum Physics and Esoteric Wisdom that Help to Create our Reality.

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Forbidden Knowledge News Con 2020 - 15 Speakers