Forbidden Files

Forbidden Files

7 Seasons

Dive into this cinematic series where the narrator investigates myths, legends and real case files with a curious mind and a serious tone. What could be happening beyond the conventional world they don't want you to question ? We cover everything from paranormal to aliens, Time travel, and unsolved mysteries of the universe. This is the stuff they really don't want you to understand. These are the Forbidden files.

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Forbidden Files
  • Did Aliens Land at the 1984 Olympics?

    Episode 8

    The closing ceremony of the 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles saw the landing of a giant flying saucer, and the emergence from within of an alien being. It was an awesome spectacle, officially staged by the Olympics. But the event has since become the subject of intense conspiratorial debate in t...

  • Oxford Academic Says Aliens are Creating a Hybrid Race to Save Humanity

    Episode 7

    Dr Young-Hae Chi, a Korean academic at Oxford University, stated publicly his belief that we are sharing our biosphere with extraterrestrials who are here in an effort to overcome the effects of climate change and to create human-alien hybrid species. Here, we examine the claims of Dr. Chi before...

  • The Japanese Subaru Telescope May Soon Confirm the Existence of Planet X

    Episode 6

    Is it possible that a planet larger than Earth exists at the far reaches of our solar system, hidden from view? Many scientists have long believed so, and now, with the aid of a new telescope, their beliefs may soon be confirmed…

  • “Martian Curse” – Why So Many Missions to Mars Have Failed

    Episode 5

    Since the USSR launched the very first probe to the Red Planet in 1960, approximately 60% of Mars missions from around the world have succumbed to technical problems, some of them tied in with mysterious, inexplicable occurrences. Here we take a look at just some of the Mars missions to have fall...

  • Mysterious Lost Kingdoms from Myths into Reality… Recent Discoveries

    Episode 4

    A mysterious “lost kingdom” dating to between 900 and 600 BC has been stumbled upon by Archaeologists in Turkey. Hieroglyphs found etched in stone at the site suggest that the rulers of the civilisation may have conquered the kingdom of the legendary King Midas, who was said to turn all he touche...

  • Scientist Claims Photographic Evidence of Insect and Reptile Life on Mars

    Episode 3

    A startling claim is being made by a renowned entomologist at Ohio University. Emeritus professor William Romoser has spent the past several years examining at a number of photographs publicly available from Mars rovers and has found what he describes as "insect-like forms, structured similarly t...

  • Bob Lazar & Area 51 The Most Controversial UFO Whistle-Blower

    Episode 2

    Bob Lazar and his stories of Area 51 are known the world over and have permeated our popular culture. Some believe the scientist’s claims to be truthful; others believe them to be fraudulent. But is the case of Bob Lazar more complicated than we might assume? This video presents an incisive and n...

  • Did A Plane Skip Forward in Time by 10 Minutes

    Episode 1

    The National Airlines 727 Incident: Did A Plane Skip Forward in Time by 10 Minutes?