Forbidden Files

Forbidden Files

7 Seasons

Dive into this cinematic series where the narrator investigates myths, legends and real case files with a curious mind and a serious tone. What could be happening beyond the conventional world they don't want you to question ? We cover everything from paranormal to aliens, Time travel, and unsolved mysteries of the universe. This is the stuff they really don't want you to understand. These are the Forbidden files.

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Forbidden Files
  • In Search of the Ancient HALL OF RECORDS - Buried Beneath the SPHINX’s PAW?

    Episode 8

    Some say that, following The Great Flood, the survivors of Atlantis brought their ancient writings and wisdom to a place where they would start their civilization anew. Many believe that this “Hall of Records” still exists today, and that it resides under the paw of the Great Sphinx of Giza, in E...

  • The Indus Valley Civilization & The Nuclear Destruction at Mohenjo-Daro

    Episode 7

    The Indus Valley Civilization was among the most advanced of antiquity, rivalling the achievements of the Mesopotamians and ancient Egyptians. But just how advanced might they have been? Their ancient writings speak of terrifying weapons that caused widespread destruction, and of flying vehicles ...

  • Top-Secret Remote Viewing Mission to Mars a Million Years Ago!

    Episode 6

    According to its own officially-declassified documents released in 2017, the CIA took part in a top-secret remote viewing mission to Mars. The CIA had its most gifted remote viewer observe the Red Planet 1 million years in the past, where he witnessed pyramid-like structures and evidence of a hig...

  • The Unsolved Lead Masks Case Aliens may have Played a Part in the Mystery?

    Episode 5


    The Lead Masks Case occurred just outside Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, in August 1966. It remains unexplained to this day. Two men were discovered dead in a clearing in the woods, each having suffered a heart attack at the exact same time. Each were dressed in suits, and each wore a strange...

  • Underwater Aliens - Navy Encounters with Unidentified Submerged Objects

    Episode 4

    Exploring the mystery of Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs). Shocking underwater encounters with mystery craft and beings around the globe, from the coasts of America to the world’s deepest lake in Russia… who are they, and what are they doing down there?

  • Whistleblower Reveals Inside Knowledge of Stargates & Anunnaki on the Red Planet

    Episode 3

    The truth about Stargates, the Secret Space Program, and what’s really happening on Mars… Here we examine the explosive claims of whistle-blowers who insist that the U.S. military is operating its own classified space fleets, and even portal technologies. How much do we really know… and is Hollyw...

  • Humans from the Future Were Sent Back in Time to Build the Moon?

    Episode 2

    Was our moon built by humans from our own future? This video looks at the many bizarre coincidences and anomalies surrounding our moon, and asks if it may have been constructed over the course of many centuries by man-made, self-replicating robots and launched into orbit in order for life as we k...

  • Who or What Are These Black-Eyed Beings?... ALIEN HYBRIDS THEORY

    Episode 1

    Are they aliens, demons, vampires, or something beyond imagination? This is your definitive overview of the terrifying phenomenon of ‘Black Eyed Beings’!