Bio-Hack Your Best Life

Bio-Hack Your Best Life

19 Episodes

Bio-Hack Your Best Life S:1 Hosted by Elisabeth Hoekstra & Billy Carson

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Bio-Hack Your Best Life
  • The Return Of Bio Hack Your Best Life

    Episode 1

    After a couple short weeks off, Elisabeth Hoekstra and Billy Carson are back at it! Today they'll discuss what bio-hacking is, and their recent experience with 12x NY Times bestselling author and world famous psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen. They'll discuss Billy Carson's full SPECT scan results, an...

  • Bio-Hack Your Best Life - LIVE 17/12 2021

    Episode 2

    Get your questions answered LIVE by Elisabeth Hoekstra and Billy Carson for this special one-time LIVE ONLINE Podcast - Bio-Hack Your Best Life!

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  • Bio-Hack Your Best Life - With Taje Moreno

    Episode 3

    Trauma in the Hood and How to Heal with TV Show Host of "Healing is Gangsta", Taje Moreno (The Hood Therapist)

  • Sexual Health on Bio-Hack Your Sex Life with Dr. Julissa

    Episode 4

    Sexual Health on Bio-Hack Your Sex Life with Dr. Julissa

  • S:1 E:1 Bio Hack Your Best Life - From Trauma to Triumph

    Episode 5

    Bio Hack Your Best Life Podcast - Hosted by Elisabeth Hoekstra and Co-host Billy Carson.
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  • S:1 E:2 Bio-Hack Your Best Life - From The Hood To The High Life

    Episode 6

    In episode 2 of Bio-Hack your best life, learn about how Billy Carson became 4biddenknowledge. Starting below the bottom, bringing himself to multi-million dollar status growing multiple businesses helping to spread awareness. There is so much to this life story that will inspire you, and keep ...

  • S1:E3 Bio-Hack Your SEX Life - Elisabeth Hoekstra & Billy Carson

    Episode 7

    Introducing the first episode of the X-rated series - Bio-Hack Your SEX Life, Elisabeth and Billy dive into the topics that are often thought about, but never discussed within relationships. Sex is a huge part of everyone's life, and sexual energy is some of the most powerful if harnessed correct...

  • S:1 E:4 Bio-Hack Your Best Life - Red Light Therapy w/ Brian Probst

    Episode 8

    Have you ever wondered about Red Light Therapy? Listen as Elisabeth and Billy dive deep into one of Elisabeth's favorite modalities, red light therapy with passionate product developer & inventor - Brian Probst. Brian has authored 25+ patents in technology, and has been featured in Wired, Forbe...

  • S:1 E:5 Bio-Hack With Dr. Perry Nickelston

    Episode 9

    On episode 5 of Bio-Hack Your Best Life hosted by Elisabeth co-hosted by Billy, Dr. Perry Nickelston of Stop Chasing Pain drops major knowledge. Listen and grab some gems from these brilliant minds.

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    Dr. Perry Nickelston

  • S1:E6 Bio-Hack Your Best Life - Brisa Alfaro

    Episode 10

    In this episode of Bio-Hack Your Best Life, get inspired by this amazing story of a New York City Hairstylist, turned "Pons Stroke and Locked in Syndrome" survivor, to a Coach, Speaker, and International Best Selling Author. Brisa Alfaro has overcome the most challenging obstacle that life can th...

  • S1:E7 Bio-Hack Your SEX Life - Kim Anami

    Episode 11

    Listen to episode 7 of Bio-Hack your SEX life with holistic sex and relationship expert Kim Anami as host Elisabeth Hoekstra and cohost Billy Carson cover a range of topics, everything sex related. You will learn about orgasms, sexual healing energy, semen retention, and more in this spicy episod...

  • S1:E8 Prepare For Your BEST life, By Bio-Hacking. Egypt - Dubai

    Episode 12

    In episode 7 of Bio-Hack Your Best Life hosted by Elisabeth Hoekstra, cohosted by Billy Carson, these two go over their recent trip to Egypt and Dubai. They touch on points about why it's so important to be mentally, physically, and financially prepared before taking trips around the world. They ...

  • S1:E9 Bio-Hack Your Best Life - Scott Robinson

    Episode 13

    In episode 9 of Bio-Hack Your Best Life, Elisabeth and Billy interview Scott Robinson, "The Brain Guy".

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  • S1:E10 The Importance of Biohacking in ALL Industries with HAVOC of Mobb Deep

    Episode 14

    In episode 10 of Bio-Hack Your Best Life Elisabeth and Billy have very special guest Havoc on to talk about how biohacking has played a role in his busy life of being one of the top producers/rappers of all time. Havoc has an amazing story full of dedication and belief of how he got to be where ...

  • S1:E12 - Bio-Hack Your Best Life w/ Coach-Storm

    Episode 15

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  • S1:13 - Bio-Hack Your Best Life - Ancient Healing Methods of Gold and Silver

    Episode 16

    Listen and learn all about the ancient secrets of gold and silver.

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  • S1:E14 - How to keep a healthy relationship - Relationships Part 2

    Episode 17

    How to keep a healthy relationship - Relationships on Bio-Hack Your Best Life Part 2

  • S1:E15 - How to Bio-Hack Your Way to Optimal Health w Special Guest Nikki Speaks

    Episode 18

    Find out how psychotherapist, life coach, author, and speaker Nikki Speaks has Bio-Hacked her way to health.

    Nikki Speaks:
    Website -
    IG - @nikki.speaks

    Elisabeth Hoekstra -
    IG: @elisabethihoekstra

  • Bio-Hack Your SEX Life - with Elisabeth Hoekstra and Billy Carson

    Episode 19