Baltic Sea Anomaly. The Unsolved Mystery.

Baltic Sea Anomaly. The Unsolved Mystery.

2 Episodes

The Baltic Sea Anomaly, what do people think 5 years later after it was found.
I decided to find out and invited a´lot of people to give me their opinions via skype.
See episode 1 and you will meet Peter Lindberg, Cai Magnusson, Stefan Hogeborn and Dennis Åsberg, all members of the Ocean X Team, and their will tell about their personal beliefs regarding the anomaly.
See Episode 2 and hear what Billy Carson Founder of 4biddenknowledge and 7 other Geologists, Ancient history researchers and UFO believes has to say.
What could it be that the team have found ?

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Baltic Sea Anomaly. The Unsolved Mystery.
  • The Baltic Sea Anomaly The Unsolved Mystery. (2016) EP 1 Ocean X Team

    The Baltic Sea Anomaly. A mystery still unsolved..
    But what do the crew on Ocean X Team think of what they found back in 2011 ?
    Hear them give their private thoughts of what the anomaly could be.
    What do the Ocean X Teams followers believe it is ? I talked to a'lot of them as well, and you can h...

  • Baltic Sea Anomaly. The Unsolved Mystery. (2016) Ep2 . The Peoples Voice

    Episode 2

    The Unsolved Mystery
    The Unsolved Mystery Part 2
    The Peoples Voice.
    What do people think about the Baltic Sea Anomaly (BSA) today
    5 years later ?
    I've asked The Ocean X Team and a'lot of other people about their thoughts on the subject, and i got many different opinions.
    See Episode 1 and hear wh...