5 Episodes

AWAKEN, a 4biddenknowledge Original Series with Freddy Silva.
Although not immediately apparent, the following books form part of the teachings of ancient systems of knowledge known as the Mysteries, the pursuit of which has been sought by the curious for millenia, often via gnostic societies — Neoplatonists, Rosicrucians, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, to name a few.

The understanding and application of the Mysteries teachings has been regarded by philosophers and seekers as the highest level of spiritual achievement, for one very good reason: they lead to the discovery of the true nature of reality and the soul.

As true then as it is today.

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    What if…
    ...the concept of resurrection handed down to us is false?

    ...that it was once a level of initiation performed in secret Mysteries schools around the world, thousands of years before Christ?

    ...that a suppressed gospel describes it as something to be experienced by the living, not the ...

  • Scotland’s Hidden Sacred Past

    Episode 1

    Around 6000 BC a revolution took place on Orkney and the Western Isles of Scotland. An outstanding collection of stone circles, standing stones, round towers and passage mounds appeared seemingly out of nowhere. And yet many such monuments were not indigenous to Britain, but to regions of the Cas...


    Episode 2

    When NASA scientists found “magnetic portals linking the Earth to the Sun,” little did they know they were validating what ancient texts had claimed all along: that temples and power places are stargates connected by electro-magnetic umbilical cords to distant parts of the cosmos.

    With examples ...


    Episode 3

    While eastern traditions equate paradise with a higher ideal, in the west it is seen as a land tainted by evil and accessible only to the dead. Distorted by translation errors and religious propaganda, such a view bears little resemblance to the original teachings.

    Persian mystics, Egyptian phar...


    Episode 4

    Thousands of years before the Inca, a megalithic civilization was founded at Lake Titicaca that spread 500 miles to Cuzco, and all across the Andes.

    Led by the god-man Viracocha and assisted by seven craftspeople called Shining Ones, these unusual people created monuments in stone using techniqu...