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Bizarre animal appearances

Animals • 50m

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    Cheetahs are the high-speed hunters of the Savannah. Few attempt to take on larger prey than gazelles or smallish antelopes. But on occasion, the predatory cats reveal their surprisingly different side. In the Northern Serengeti, a group of male cheetahs emerges and turns all we know about them u...

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    Awesome Animal is a YouTube channel that is education based.
    The Awesome Animal YouTube channel has content centered around wildlife and animal information to help aid in education through social and mass media.
    We hope to grow and increase the desire to educate our viewers, ourselves, and to d...

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    The fox is a scavenger carnivours dog generally found in urban city areas in the northern Hemisphere. The fox is a nocturnal mammal meaning that the fox only goes out a night to hunt for prey.
    Wild foxes tend live for around 6-7 years but some foxes have been known to be older than 13 in captivit...