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After Contact

After Contact - Episode 1: LAW with Daniel Sheehan


Up Next in Season 1

  • After Contact - Episode 2: LINGUISTIC...

    Dr. Bridget Samuels is a researcher from the University of Southern California with a background in linguistics with a focus on the evolutionary biology and cognitive neuroscience of language, particularly as they pertain to phonology.

    Dr. Bridget joins us today to shed some light
    on how we cou...

  • Episode 3 – MILITARY with Tracy LaTou...

    Ep.3 Description:

    Tracy LaTourrette is a decorated former US Air Force pilot. She served as the Deputy Director
    of Operations at the Colorado National Guard’s Joint Force Headquarters, and has flown
    countless missions. Tracy shares her expertise in the military and runs through some potential

  • Episode 4 – THEOLOGY with Ted Peters

    Ted Peters is a theologian and prolific author and editor on Christian theology, public theology,
    the interaction of science and religion, bioethics, and space ethics. Ted explores how our worldreligions might be impacted by the appearance of alien intelligence, and what beliefs might change in t...